Go now, Mujuru tells Mugabe

Source: Go now, Mujuru tells Mugabe – The Standard July 17, 2016

Former vice-president Joice Mujuru has demanded President Robert Mugabe’s immediate resignation, saying the 92-year-old leader is responsible for the corruption that has grounded Zimbabwe’s economy.


Mujuru told thousands of supporters at her maiden rally as Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) president in Mutare at Sakubva Stadium that Mugabe must be made to account for the $15 billion diamond money he claimed was siphoned from Chiadzwa.

The ZimPF leader said her former boss appointed corrupt people into his government and was responsible for the pilfering of State resources.

She said Mugabe was very secretive on economic deals and he knew about the whereabouts of the $15 billion because he worked closely with the responsible minister. Mujuru said when she was Mugabe’s deputy, she was not even privy to operations in Chiadzwa.

“We are facing a collapsing country. Mugabe should just say he has failed and stop assaulting people. He should resign and call for fresh elections where the people’s preferred candidate takes over,” she said.

Mujuru repeatedly expressed anger over police brutality, saying the force should demonstrate professionalism and stop relentless attacks on hapless civilians pursuing a national cause.

“There are people admitted at hospitals over police brutality. Is this what we we went to war for? No, this should not happen. We know that police should maintain peace and not ignite civil unrest, that is what we expect as People First,” she said.

She said war veterans were angry that what they fought for was not what was obtaining in Zimbabwe

Mujuru attacked Mugabe for his countless foreign trips, saying they were draining the country’s meagre resources.

She also accused Mugabe of promoting corrupt ministers and taking no action against those linked to shoddy deals.

“Corruption is one of the issues that have caused the total economic crises we are facing as a country. If someone steals cattle they are jailed for nine years and yet we see corrupt officials being promoted. Those who engage in corrupt activities should be fired,’’ she said.

“We are worried about attacks against some progressive countries, you never know one day you may want to be assisted by them,” she said.
“We are going to look everywhere as People First and give hope to the people of Zimbabwe.’’

Mujuru also chronicled the downfall of Manicaland, saying that it was now an eyesore as most companies had closed down.

‘’We used to know Manicaland as the home of Tanganda Tea, where we got timber and fruits, but there is nothing we can point at now, all roads have potholes,’’ she said.

She urged traditional leaders not to meddle in politics or politicise food distribution.

‘’To all traditional leaders, we are urging them not to meddle in politics; if you want to join politics, come and join and leave your leadership and we should stop the politicisation of food,’’ she said.


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