Govt acts on Save Conservancy

Source: Govt acts on Save Conservancy | The Herald April 26, 2016

George Maponga Masvingo Bureau
Government will soon make a final determination on the future of the lucrative Save Valley Conservancy in line with the wildlife-based land reform policy as it can no longer tolerate a situation where the sector remains a preserve of a few whites, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

Wildlife-based land reform opens the door for indigenous blacks to be directly involved in the wildlife sector.

He said this last Friday in response to an appeal by Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Shuvai Mahofa during her tour of Nandi-Arda Estate in Chiredzi, that the province wanted black players in the Save Valley.

Sen Mahofa said there was need to ensure black players returned to Save Valley after Government withdrew hunting permits from scores of indigenous players.

VP Mnangagwa said he would ask President Mugabe for permission to visit Save Valley to have an assessment of the situation.

‘’We will visit Save Valley in the near future and I will ask President Mugabe for permission to visit the conservancy because we want to bring closure to the problems that are there. However, I want to make it clear that we cannot accept a situation where an area is said to be an exclusive territory for white people, that cannot happen here,’’ he said.

‘’Indigenous black people should also be involved in operations at Save Valley and we will take a decision that makes the majority of our people happy.

“The decision that we will make at Save Valley will surely make others happy while others will be sad but that will be the obtaining situation that will not change.’’

He said the remaining crop of liberation war leaders led by President Mugabe wanted to leave all the country’s natural resources and heritage in the hands of Zimbabweans.

“We cannot have an area that is said to be a preserve of white people only. Black people should also benefit alongside white people because this country is ours,’’ he added.

Sen Mahofa said the Masvingo provincial leadership wanted indigenous players to return at Save Valley. She said beside benefiting from the lucrative conservancy operations, blacks would also guard against looting and externalisation of resources.

‘’The issue of indigenous black people being involved in operations at Save Valley is also a security issue because we need our people to be involved and partner whites so that our wildlife is not stolen and illegally taken out of the country,’’ she said.

‘’Indigenous blacks who qualify should be given hunting leases to run operations at Save Valley because we cannot have a situation where only white people are benefiting,’’ she added.

The Minister, who was among bigwigs whose hunting permits at Save Valley were cancelled, said indigenous blacks kicked out of the conservancy should also be considered in future allocations at Save Valley.

Government cancelled Save Valley hunting leases for several bigwigs, mainly from Masvingo, after declaring that most of the beneficiaries were in possession of farms elsewhere allocated under the land reform programme.

Save Valley was incorporated into the parks estates run by the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

However, white operators are still at Save Valley especially those whose properties are protected under Bilateral Investment and Promotion Agreements.


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    Tuesday Mahofa 6 years ago

    the only problems in the Save are the greedy government politicians like Shuvai Mahofa. She is the biggest problem. She is the one that wants to steal animals from the Save through her dirty relationships with South Africans who bring their hunters and steal the Zimbabwe animals. She is a horrible piece of work, and the biggest threat to the Save, and a threat to peace in the area. She wants to steal the Save from the people that live and work there. She cares not for the people that live, work and raise their families in the Save. The blacks in the Save, not the whites. She cares nothing for the local communities that are dependant on the the Save. She will destroy all of that. Look how bad she destroyed the one property she got her hands on. She got tied up with a crooked partner, and they raped the land and abused the animals. Mahofa belongs behind bars or in a shallow grave. With people like her in positions of power Zimbabwe will never have a chance.

    Every Zimbabwean should ask Shuvai three questions
    1. How much money has she stolen from the people of Zimbabwe
    2. How much money has she stolen from the government of Zimbabwe
    3. How much land has she stolen from the country of Zimbabwe

    What a dirty, foul, excuse for a human being. She should be exiled to South Africa where all her partners in crime live.

  • comment-avatar
    bambazonke 6 years ago

    good bye the save
    bunch of bloody jackals
    that Mahofa has already shoot the s*****t out of another ranch
    no game left done
    now she wants to stuff up the save
    She is so fat that she cant even walk up the stairs

    unfortunately Bob will hand it over!!!!!!1

    • comment-avatar
      Joe Cool 6 years ago

      Sir, I strongly object to your derogatory reference to jackals, which are noble creatures living their own hereditary lifestyle. I think you really meant to refer to cochroaches, which are sucking creatures that thrive on filth and waste.

      In terms of the new Constitution, Sen Mahofa has the right to be as fat as she likes, and she has no obligation to walk up stairs, if she can instead bribe someone to carry her. Kindly show a more respectful attitude to jackals in future.

  • comment-avatar
    bambazonke 6 years ago

    Hey Joe point taken Shamwari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    however when all has been killed basicly all that is left are Jackals
    the Heaynas and lions seam to be doing a good job of killing everything and eating it!!!

    interesting in that bribes are paid , however its all tax payers hard earned cash that is spent unwisely

    Long live the Save Conservacy

  • comment-avatar
    Dennis 6 years ago

    Yippeee! Something else that works that they can wreck. If Muhofa wasn’t a known crook and this wasn’t the Herald I might be worried.

  • comment-avatar
    reader 6 years ago

    AGAIN, WHITES, WHITES, WHITES, some of us are Zimbabweans with nowhere to go. the time is coming when the colourds will overpower the blacks and you will be a minority just as whites are, at least we dont steal blatantly but actually work for what we have.