Govt blasts Julius Malema

Source: Govt blasts Julius Malema | The Herald July 16, 2016

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
Government yesterday blasted South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema for openly declaring his support for violent protestors whose ill-fated “shutdown of Zimbabwe” was funded by Western imperialist governments.

This comes after Malema recently tweeted that his party was on the side of the violent protesters and that they were going to win “just like the country did in 1980”.

In a statement, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said Malema’s laughable attempt at “turning himself into a trans-border politician on behalf of reactionary forces in the region and beyond”, exposed his agenda and ignorance of regional politics.

“Zimbabweans cannot understand how a politician who purports to support land restitution in his own country, South Africa, and in other countries in the region affected by settler colonialism, can suddenly turn around to support and celebrate politics and political activities which white activists of erstwhile settler landowners in Zimbabwe represented by Ben Freeth find hospitable.

“Zimbabweans, too, cannot understand how a politician pretending to be on the side of the still disinherited Southern African peoples can be at one with politics that win the active support of ambassadors of countries whose role in the history of colonisation and raping of the continent of Africa is a matter of poignant, painful record,” he said.

“Mush worse, Zimbabweans who cherish peace and reject politics of violent and destructive demonstrations as shown by their rejection of the failed lockdown called for this week, cannot understand, let alone appreciate, how a politician masquerading as an economic freedom fighter sides with fringe political upstarts bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle.”

Dr Mushohwe said Malema should be reminded that Zimbabwe’s 1980 victory did not just happen but was brought by the revolutionary Zanu-PF.

He said Zanu-PF’s status as a defender of the black majority cannot be “challenged by storm-in-tea-cup politicians of Malema’s ilk who now delight and revel in the company of apartheid political bed-mates”.

He said Zimbabweans had no time for Malema’s cheap talk whose party “attracts support and sponsorship of oppressive racial capital, while falsely dressing themselves in the garb of exploited workers”.

“A politician who cannot appreciate that Zimbabwe has been under crippling illegal Western sanctions for more than a decade and half, simply for recovering stolen land from its people, cannot be expected to be an ally of the Zimbabwean people. Nor can he be expected to understand the dynamics that shape the politics of our country, let alone to be counted upon as a useful voice in the continuing struggle we are bound to win,” Dr Mushohwe said.

He said Zimbabwe will survive and prosper through its own efforts and with the support of genuine allies and friends.


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    jono austin 6 years ago

    What is clearly understood is that MDC won 70 percent of the vote at the last elections and yes the people were reacting to murder and corruption and theft.

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    Fatso 6 years ago

    Its not the violence he (Julius)is interseted in, in this case. He is simply referring to the passion the people have in seing a new and better Zimbabwe the citizens deserve. This has nothing to do with his ignorance or knowledge of regional politics. This time Julius was right.

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      Yes,Julias was right .I wonder if this so called Dr Mushowe with his intelligence can not understand that even if the strikes are supported and sponsored by western embassies they cannot sponsor each and everyone who is participating in strikes. If a person is well fed,especially peace loving people of my country Zimbabwe can bother to go into the streets and protest.this is common sense unlike Zuma and ANC in their unintelligent surport of ZANU.

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    tonyne 6 years ago

    Maybe I missed the point, can the honorable Dr. mushier enumerate the gains since independence. Especially out in the countryside. In the cities. Shortages of water, electricity. Food, gas jobs money etc. Children have no quAlified teachers. Money is not available in the banks. Even when money is wired, banks don’t have cash too give out. So what is the progress the honorable Doctor is talking about? To be realistic .Zimbabweans need no South oAfrican or Whatever to tell them shut has hit the fern. With the current situation the dear doctor feels
    Zimbabweans were unjustified to rise and arch. Dear
    friend , keep the west out, may be the Chinese might
    come with bzukas for assistance. That will be the day. They have the money, 15 billion at least.L

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    Mushowe you lack consiense of democracy. Malema is in full support of a free economy. An economy free of thieves like you. An economy free of genocide,hunger & dictators. I like him because he is objective and straight foward. If possible people of Zim should gut down all those shops since they own nothing. People who oppress them own those shops therefore such a move will make things equal. Masses are suffering. I am sorry to encourage this but I think Zimboz have been so patient it’s now time to act especially now you are conered. They refused you imports when they destroyed the industry and agricultur. They have blown your money into space so you have nothing. The ecduaction that EN Smith established it’s now a mockery they have turned it into a certificate manufacturing factory I guess only normal people understand my words.

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    Malema, for his own political reasons, can’t be seen by his people to support a regime that is about to be ousted, so he jumped ship.

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    James Pikirayi 6 years ago

    Oh Dr Mushohwe…or is it ‘Dr Much Worse’….please spare us your rhetoric garbage….and you reporter Freeman Razemba i(what an iron because it is clear you are not a freeman)…Freeman, who says Dr Much Worse is speaking for the government? Just because he is minister of mis-information? Can’t you see Dr Much Worse is just singing for his bread? And Dr Much Worse, as a doctorate holder, should not have known better that his sentiments do not represent the view and thinking of Zimbabweans. Dr Mushowe, like every Zimbabwean, has right to express his views,…however it will be the height of folly for him to think he can speak for Zimbabweans because he does not have that mandate and neither is he qualified to do so. The people of Zimbabwe have sovereign rights to express their will under the constitutional provisions of FFR (Fundamental Freedoms and Rights). So Dr Much Worse, gonzo mhini gara mumwena kutu zvechidzimu zvigokuwaniremo.

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    C Frizell 6 years ago

    EVERY time, it is Da Dreaded West that are funding or supporting or whatever – anyone who fights against Organised Crime.

    They (Organised Crime) behave like children, hurling insults one moment and begging for money and food the next. They should all be told nice and clearly – GET STUFFED YOU IGNORANT TWATS

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    Chanisa 6 years ago

    A vexing question was asked by serious psychologists about why stupid people say they are clever. This was raised after a test, given to several hundred candidates, showed that those who claimed (prior to the results coming out) that they had achieved high marks turned out to have fared much worse than the modest ones who were not so sure about their performance, to a statistically high level of significance. We do come across these types in life all the time. Some of them are actually running whole countries.

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    Mushowe and friends are delusional crooks who think Zimbabweans are that stupid we can’t see their destructive political agenda. At least the person we thought was crazy has a heart after all. He can tell right from wrong. These idiots in ZANU pf- their brains died during the liberation struggle and cannot move on. Gains of the war? What gains? We need another form of liberation from this horror!

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    Viva Zim 6 years ago

    Malema does not understand Zimbabwe National Interests, the National Intersets of Zimbabwe which were brought about through a bitter war against oppression of black people will forever be defended generation after generation. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again and Zimbabweans can solve these economic problems….WE SAY A BIG NO TO THESE PROTESTS that want to ‘SHUTDOWN ZIMBABWE!’ Gives us a break Malema, sort out the mess in RSA where the economy firmly remains I the hands of the white minority.

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      dubbozimbo 6 years ago

      At least they have an economy in SA to talk about, what has Zim got left……bugger all.