Govt disburses $45m towards roads rehabilitation

GOVERNMENT has disbursed about $45 million towards rehabilitation of roads in eight provinces following a public outcry over the poor state of the country’s road network, NewsDay has learnt.

Source: Govt disburses $45m towards roads rehabilitation – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 27, 2017

BY Taurai Mangudhla

According to Department of Roads documents at hand, titled All Roads Projects for 2017, the latest disbursements, which left out Harare and Bulawayo, came after Transport minister Joram Gumbo concluded his 12-day nationwide tour, which focused on rural roads.

“The money was disbursed last week,” Gumbo said yesterday, although he declined to give details of the disbursements.

On Tuesday, Gumbo and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere toured Harare roads before they declared the country’s roads a state of emergency.

Council sources said the two ministers agreed on a plan that could see $18 million being disbursed across nine provinces for rehabilitation of trunk roads.

“These roads are very critical and Gumbo agreed to assist local authorities through Zinara (Zimbabwe National Roads Administration) resources,” the source said.

Zinara collects around $130 million annually from road access fees, vehicle licencing fees, transit fees and fuel levy, among other revenue streams, for routine maintenance of roads.


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    It would take 45 BILLION to fix the roads. And that’s never going to happen because the zanoid kleptocracy steals most of the revenue meant for road construction and maintenance before it ever reaches the fiscus.

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    Vehicle licence fees should be given back to City councils who will be responsible for maintaining
    their own roads. It has shown that ZINARA are totally useless and clueless in their responsibilities.
    There track record has shown this. The state of all roads is getting worse and worse with no signs
    of improvement. Have a look at the Tanganda/Chiredzi road. Gokwe/Binga turn off to mention just a few.

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    Wilson Masiya 5 years ago

    Surely our roads are getting worse. I have seen a number of toll gates operating in the country, but to my surprise where are the monies going to. yeah, corruption is becoming a serious addiction. where are we really heading to?

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    This is fake news and ZanuPF propaganda. ALL toll gate fees and other road fees go directly to ZanuPF to pay for Mugabe’s trips overseas.

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    Angry transport oparator 5 years ago

    Please if yu are to start taking a move about the roads, Harare- Beitbridge must come first..thanks!!