Govt foils Goche’s mine grab bid

AN alleged bid by former State Security minister Nicholas Goche to grab the gold-rich Frankie Mine, located close to his Shamva farm, has hit a snag after officials from the Mines ministry blocked the move, NewsDay has learnt.

Source: Govt foils Goche’s mine grab bid – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 5, 2017


Goche, whose farm is two kilometres away from the mine, reportedly wrote to the Mines ministry sometime last year, through his company, Chizinga Holdings, claiming the mine, although he was aware it belonged to Hardlife Makuyana.

The ministry ordered its provincial mining director for Mashonaland Central, an F Mugumbate, and a team of mine surveyors to look into the issue and they wrote back saying the mining rights legitimately belonged to Makuyana.

In his May 6, 2016 letter addressed to Goche’s company, Mugumbate wrote: “The secretary for Mines and Mining Development has upheld a decision by this office to allow Hardlife Makuyana to enjoy mining rights at Frankie Mine.”

Sometime last year, Goche allegedly wrote again to Mines minister Walter Chidakwa complaining that Makuyana’s mining activities were disturbing pupils at a nearby school, but got a cold shoulder from government officials.

Mines secretary, Francis Gudyanga, in a terse letter dated November 17, wrote to Goche saying: “After receiving a complaint on this matter and all necessary considerations having been made, you are directed to effect the decision made by the provincial mining director. The farm is 625 hectares and in terms of section 31 of the Mines and Minerals Act, Makuyana does not need any consent from anyone.”

Makuyana yesterday confirmed his severed relations with Goche, whom he accused of frustrating his mining activities and seeking to grab the mine.

Goche could not be reached for comment yesterday.


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    Thieving zanu scum. Does their greed have any limits?

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    Nhamodzenyika 5 years ago

    Goche wava kuigochera pachiutsi manje wava kuzodzingwa mu ZANU zvamu chose wobva wa fenderatu doti ndiwe wokupotsa wafa wadzingwa paye, kupusa kunge wadzingwa kudenga kkkkkkkk