Govt ‘indigenises air’

via Govt ‘indigenises air’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 6, 2016

GOVERNMENT has, under its revised frameworks, procedures and guidelines for implementing the Indigenisation Act, broadened its definition of natural resources to include air, grass, birds and swamps, a move that local analysts yesterday described as “ridiculous”.


Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa announced the new framework on Monday at a Press conference he jointly addressed with Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya.

Renowned economist John Robertson yesterday said: “This exposes government to ridicule by inviting such criticism. It also shows shallow thinking on their part because one would not understand what they are trying to say when they include air and birds.”

Robertson said the document was done by people who lacked business understanding and expertise and should not even be in the offices they hold.

“It shows that it was drafted by people who should not have done the job and lack any expertise or knowledge on how business operates,” he said.

Chinamasa said the new framework will now give emphasis to reserved sectors, which would now be 100% controlled by locals.

No new foreign investors, except with Cabinet approval, will be allowed into invest in the fuel retail business, advertising, tobacco grading and packaging, milk processing, grain milling and artisanal mining of all minerals except diamonds.

Robertson said the fuel retail business was a high cost area and required heavy capital injection and expertise.

“The moment government opened fuel import licences to local players, we have seen most of them close shop, the same scenario we saw in the banking sector, where local banks folded. Government should leave areas of business to those with the capital and expertise, so that we can begin to create employment,” he said.

Opposition MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said the new frameworks “exposed the drafters’ shallow minds”.

“Of course, that betrays the professional incompetence of whoever drafted those regulations. Legal drafting is an art. It has to be concise and precise.

“It shouldn’t leave room for vagueness, absurdity and ambiguity. Obviously, that particular portion of the regulations has to be promptly amended in order to make it rational and sensible. How can one possibly indigenise a commodity such as air?” queried Gutu?


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    How do you indigenise ground?

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    Roberta Mugarbage 6 years ago

    Must we learn to hold our breath?
    Will all visitors to Zimbabwe be required to pay an air breathing fee for using up local resources?

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      Many a true word spoken in jest. With this government anything is possible.

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    Not content with his efforts so far, Mugabe wants to control all the hot air in Zimbabwe. Hahaha!

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    My friend has told me she wants to visit Zimbabwe, but upon learning she have to pay a fee for breathing the air, since she is a foreigner. She therefore wants to know if is is okay for her to bring an oxygen tank or will she have to pay an import tax to bring in the oxygen???

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    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    This is what happens when you give fish the responsibility to climb trees – even if they are sincere, it ain’t gonna work. What is this former attorney general doing in the ministry of finance?