Govt moves to curb gender inequality

Source: Govt moves to curb gender inequality | The Herald July 7, 2017

Herald reporter
Government yesterday launched a Revised National Gender Policy, which seeks to eradicate gender discrimination and inequality. Speaking at the launch of the policy in Harare yesterday, Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya said President Mugabe supported women empowerment.

“Without creating policies and institutional mechanisms for the full participation of both women and men, particularly to close the gender gaps in critical sectors, the goal of Growth with Equity and Sustainable Development is impossible to achieve.”

Minister Chikwinya said improving the status of women across the board was top priority for Government.

“The goal of the policy is to eradicate gender discrimination and inequalities in all spheres of life and development,” she said.

The policy addresses gender constitutional and legal rights, economic empowerment, politics and decision making, health, education and training, gender based violence and disability, among other things.

Minister Chikwinya said the gender policy framework set guidelines for the country to take action on remedying gender imbalances.

“The policy framework seeks to ensure that the process of achieving gender equality is at the very centre of the transformation process in Zimbabwe within all structures, institutions, policies, procedures and programmes of Government, its agencies and parastatals, civil society and private sector,” she said.