Govt must pay bonuses now: MDC-T

FORMER Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T has called on the government to honour its obligation to civil servants, by paying last year’s bonuses as a matter of urgency and avert a potential crisis.

Source: Govt must pay bonuses now: MDC-T – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 27, 2017


In a statement yesterday, the MDC-T said President Robert Mugabe’s administration had consistently shown “insensitivity to the plight of its workers”.

“Thus, the issue of whether or not civil servants should be paid their annual bonuses for the year 2016 is certainly beyond debate. All civil servants deserve to be paid their 2016 annual bonuses as a matter of urgency,” spokesperson, Obert Gutu said, arguing the MDC-T was concerned by the welfare of government workers.

Government this week failed to convince civil servants to accept pieces of land in lieu of outstanding end-of-year bonuses. Reeling from a crippling cash crisis and debilitating economic crunch, government has had to stagger salary payments to its workers, leading to murmurs of discontent.

Gutu said Zimbabwean civil servants are among some of the lowest-paid workers in the country.

“As if the issue of low salaries was not enough suffering for our downtrodden civil servants, over the past year, they have been receiving their monthly salaries in a very haphazard and staggered fashion,” he said.

“As a result of this, the majority of civil servants are perpetually living in debt and thousands of them have been thrown out of their lodgings.

“The children of civil servants have not been spared from this humiliation and suffering since most of them are turned away from schools and tertiary colleges, as their parents and guardians are no longer guaranteed a regular and consistent monthly salary.”

The MDC-T added: “The Zanu PF regime is selfish, corrupt and insensitive. At a time when President Robert Mugabe and his family are enjoying an extended State-funded annual holiday in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Dubai, our civil servants are scrounging for a living as their meagre monthly salaries are staggered and as their 2016 annual bonus remains unpaid.”

Mugabe has been holidaying since early December last year amid reports he is renting a $500 000 mansion in Dubai.

Gutu also accused Mugabe and his lieutenants of following “skewed policies”, adding civil servants should be paid “now”.


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    Why should they pay bonuses to these supposed ‘civil servants’ who do nothing for the citizens of the country other than bleed them of their hard earned money? Most civil servants are beneficiaries of zanoid nepotism and political patronage. They shouldn’t be paid at all – never mind bonuses.

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      They promised that is why it should be paid, but ZANUs word is just that a word.

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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    Instead of playing to the grandstand, Obert, tell us what the MDC would do with the civil servants. Irrespective of Mugabe’s spending – which is negligible compared to the wage bill – there is no money. So would you cancel bonuses or retrench half the civil service? We all know it should be done, but Zanu is afraid to do it. So, let’s hear your version of the solution. And don’t tell us you will “grow the economy” and pay them from increased revenues. Tell us your short-term solution.

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      Surely, what kind of solution could anyone provide (or suggest) to a team of treacherous self-serving thieves & crooks who only listen to themselves & their insatiable greedy? Come on Joe, since when have Mugabe & his party hoodlums started listening any wise counsel from the country’s well-meaning citizens? May be, if you (joe) are one of them then probably they take advice from your, in that case why don’t you come up with the solution. Munongogona kuba nekuponda chete – Nxaaaaaaa! Advise your Mugabe & party of really solutions not stealing from the long-suffering civil servants. That is rubbish. Its not solution at all. It is worse than zanu pf’s introduction of bond notes, to say the least.

      In any case, we all know the solution is for these evil people – Mugabe & his zanu pf cronies to go. So, now can you (Joe) go to State House & tell Mugabe this very obvious & open solution. Let’s not try to score cheap political points guys, we all know Zim’s problems were not created by the ordinary civil servant, but the Mugabe regime itself – the elist & they continue to exacerbate the problem. So, were does punishing the largely innocent & hardworking citizens fits into the solution equation? Totally nowhere – common logic does not see it fitting anywhere. Solution is to address the route cause, which is zanu pf & Mugabe ‘s looting, zanufication & personalization of national resources is the issue.

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    Nhamodzenyika 5 years ago