Govt must stop stoking people’s anger

Wednesday’s stayaway was probably one of the most extraordinary days in Zimbabwe’s recent history, as it was led by the people rather than politicians.

Source: Govt must stop stoking people’s anger – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 8, 2016

Instead of seeing this as a statement by the masses, Zanu PF chose to be dismissive and pretended that nothing was going on, instead blaming the people’s indignation on an imaginary third force, which it threatened to crush.

If Zanu PF is looking for an enemy to deal with, it is best advised to look into the mirror and the party will see what has been behind the outrage.

It is time Zanu PF stopped passing the buck and acknowledge its failures, which are at the very heart of Wednesday’s protests.

President Robert Mugabe and his government have been monumental failures if their recent record were to be compared to their election manifesto of just three years ago.

Zanu PF promised to create 2,2 million jobs and it is disingenuous for people like Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to continue raising the sanctions mantra each time they are questioned about their appalling governance record.

Mugabe promised to deal with corruption, but instead the vice has soared to stratospheric levels and the President is either unwilling to combat it, abetting it or has no clue on how to handle graft.

We could go on and on, but it is clear that by their own standards, Zanu PF have failed.

Mugabe often uses the mandate he won in 2013 as a reason to stay in power and was emboldened by the showing at his party’srecent million-man march.

However, Wednesday’s events show that the people are tired and long to see his back and would not be sad to see him go.

Mugabe can use the police and the army to crush any dissent, but that is a subtle admission he has failed and no longer has the support of the people.

It is regrettable that a government has to use coercion to remain in power.

In a democracy, the logic is that the government rules through the consent of the people who vote for it and prop it up; yet Wednesday showed that Zimbabweans have revoked their consent for Mugabe’s leadership and are desperate for a change of government.

For Zanu PF, common sense should show that after 36 years and with basically the same core of ministers and bureaucrats, Mugabe cannot bring fresh ideas and run an economy in this age.

Mugabe’s ideas may have worked in 1980, but surely they are quite staid and stale for 2016 and there is need for new thinking.

Zanu PF has already shown indifference to Wednesday’s protests, but what this means is they will preside over growing anger and disillusionment, which shall spawn more demonstrations and may bring Zimbabwe to its knees.


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    Mugabe and his government are only but bullies who use aggression tactics to save themselves.People has been battered, molested and people’s lives has been ruined for their own benefit .