‘Govt should commit to Gukurahundi reburials’

Tsholotsho North legislator, Jonathan Moyo has expressed optimism that the government will deliver on its promise to help families in Matabeleland and Midlands to rebury their relatives, who died during the Gukurahundi massacres.

Source: ‘Govt should commit to Gukurahundi reburials’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 28, 2016


Moyo was responding to a question at the Bulawayo Press Club on Friday evening whether there were any links between the timing of allegations that he corruptly abused State funds soon after his family’s desire to rebury his father.
“I don’t have evidence that this is the case (on the links),” he said.

“In any case, this (Gukurahundi) is current history. As far as I am aware, Vice-President (Phelekezela) Mphoko is in charge of the national healing policy and he has clearly indicated that this is the case, that those who want to rebury their relatives can approach the government. If you keep telling people to do that, they will simply do that.

“The VP of Zimbabwe has said it will be done and it will be done in an orderly manner. As an affected Zimbabwean, I am satisfied with that position and hope that what the VP said will be done as soon as possible. For a number of communities, you see shallow graves, they are not hidden. We believe it is proper and it is African to bring them home and bury them where the rest of the ancestors are.”

Moyo dismissed fears that too many people would be asking for reburials in Matabeleland, saying there were a specific number of people in shallow graves in the region.

The Higher Education minister said those alleging that he was corrupt in order to threaten him from seeking his father’s reburial would not succeed.

“Successionists never win,” he said. “Against the successionists, the loyalists are a formidable people. The people will always govern.

“Anybody, who thinks they can rule without the people is a joker. I don’t see any confusion around this, but desperation. History and the archives have no examples of victorious successionists.”

Moyo said he worked very hard and has “no time for corruption”.

“Fighting corruption is important,” he said. “Corruption is a cancer. However, nobody should make Zimbabweans seem stupid as if they don’t know who is corrupt.

“Some of them have £30 million, and not $400 000, in offshore accounts. Why should I be said to be corrupt just because I gave chiefs in Tsholotsho bicycles? We don’t have roads in Tsholotsho, but some people have roads up to their farms.

Moyo was making a subtle attack on Vice-President Emerson Mnangagwa, whose road to his farm was recently tarred by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration.

Mnangagwa is reportedly leading a faction that is battling with G40, another Zanu PF faction in the race to succeed Mugabe. Moyo is linked to G40.

Moyo added that he will fight his detractors.

“Some people mistakenly fetch woods with scorpions, but these ones have fetched one with a mamba. It is wrong to stigmatise people because they don’t support you.”