Govt to grab private land for civil servants’ homes

Source: Govt to grab private land for civil servants’ homes – DailyNews Live January 13, 2017

Bridget Mananavire

HARARE – Government has said it will grab private land to allocate
residential stands to restive civil servants, with officials denying that
the State-facilitated housing project is a vote-buying gimmick ahead of
the 2018 elections.

In a bid to appease civil servants who are complaining about delayed
salary disbursements and unpaid 2016 bonuses, government intends to give
them residential stands at discounted rates.

When questioned by the Daily News on government’s capacity to allocate
land to all the 300 000-plus civil servants, during a meeting – where
government representatives, bank executives, construction companies and
the media were present – over the project on Wednesday, Local Government
ministry permanent secretary George Mlilo said the State will acquire
private land.

“There is no limit to the land we will provide, all land is State land and
if there is private land, we will go through the necessary processes to
get the land,” he said.

While the move risks contravening private property rights, Mlilo said it
was part of government’s Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic
Transformation (ZimAsset) which was launched three years ago.

“It is part of ZimAsset and it’s purely to improve the livelihoods of
people,” he said, adding that the scheme aims to allow civil servants to
achieve the dream of owning their own homes.

Already, 500 000 civil servants are estimated to have applied for stands
under the project.

However, Mlilo could not explain the timing of the project, which comes
just a little over 12 months before the crunch 2018 general elections.

Mlilo said he did not know why the project was being implemented at this

“I don’t know. We are saying we want to be transparent and you are allowed
to interrogate the processes but not speculate. It is not a political
gimmick,” he said.

Traditionally, Zanu PF has embarked on such projects – including writing
off residents’ council rates arrears across the country ahead of the 2013
polls – towards elections.

Mlilo said “funding will come from the beneficiaries themselves, who will
contribute on a monthly basis through deductions from the Salary Services
Bureau, which is projected to be around $15 million to $20 million”.


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    These civil servants need to open their eyes. Since when has the ZANU PF done anything to genuinely benefit the had-working masses – they should look at NSSA, PSMAS, ZIMDEF and a plethora of all other government initiated schemes. They have all turned out to be cash-cows for ZANU PF party & its fat-cats. Surely, whatever subscription they will be asked to pay will first of all go towards ZANU PF 2018 election campaigns. Thereafter, if ZANU PF successfully rig & steal its way back into power, the individual ZANU PF fats-cats will go into their usual looting spree of those funds. And as we all know, not even one of the contributors will be allowed or even dare to raise a finger against the ZANU PF thieves; especially that the most feared First Family will be leading the thieving spree. They will willy-nilly loot such funds dry, buy outrageously expensive rings; champagnes; etc. Wake up and smell the coffee guys. When it happens as it will sure happen, should you once again entrust your funds with the insatiable ZANU PF thieves, do not lie and say you did not see it coming or you were not warned. Such dishonest wont help you anyway. Simply take hide to the old adage “once bitten twice shy”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    How many are there – 300 000? 500 000? ‘

    All land is State land and if there is private land …we will get it’. So which is it, muddle head?

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    Excellent idea from Zanu! These guys are simply in the genius category. Everything they do is so constructive.

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 5 years ago

    Please grab Gushungo Dairy for me!

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    I wrote the’ script’ about 5 yrs ago and said to my wife and others, next in the future will be your house and the clothes off your back. They laughed at my ridiculous prediction and said I had gone to the extremes of insanity thinking.
    I said to stay afloat you need a float and when the coffers are empty one needs to look at the next asset to pillage to keep the civil service and son appeased.
    Be ready and one step ahead of this mob, otherwise you will be stripped naked and it’s no use thinking it will get better!

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    Nearly ALL the ’empty’ private plots are in the hands of the following: The Mpofu family, the Chiyangwa family, the Chombo family, the Mugabe family, every councilor and Town Clerk of every city and town in this country owns at least 7 plots each. The heads of the Armed Services own many empty plots around the country. So Mlilo has good pickings. However, this is all a typical brainless – ZanuPF propaganda statement. This Govt has absolutely NO money left, and is totally clueless as to what to do to to get things right for Zim. They have been told numerous times what they must do, but the lure of thieving is so great it transcends all sensible ideas. That geriatric old f…t Mugabe and family have flown, courtesy of Air Mugabe Boeing 767, to Bamako in Mali from Dubai for a French-Africa conference. What on earth has France got to do with Zim? At least 10 cabinet ministers, their boot-polishers, their girlfriends, their security had to have flown from Harare to Dubai, First Class or Business Class to ‘connect’ with that old f…t to make the journey to Mali. It is a 10 hour flight. This jaunt, which like all the other jaunts that this old f..t undertakes to far-off lands, will be of absolutely no benefit whatsoever to Zim. It will cost at least $2-3million, which this country desperately needs to pay teachers etc or buy medicine. However, if all of you in Zim keep doing nothing, you will have this old f..t around for the next 3-5 years. It’s time you took to the streets in your thousands (not 50-100) at a time, because that is the only way you will get rid of him. They are going to rig the elections with Nikuv, without doing any reforms to the electoral system. You only have yourselves to blame. In about 3 months time, one Bond Note will equal about $0,30cts.

  • comment-avatar
    Patnan 5 years ago

    Effing right

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 5 years ago

    What is that! Take private land! Are you nuts crazy. We let you get away with murder forever now this. As we said before try your luck this time around and see what happens !

  • comment-avatar
    richard muchinjiko8 5 years ago

    yes u can give them land,how they can build the houses since they dont have money

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    That old geriatric f…t arrived this morning in Dubai from Bamako, a 10 hour flight, only to leave at midday for Singapore, which will get him into Singapore tonight at around 12.30 -1.00 AM! He must need medical attention urgently if he flies at that time of the night. It must have been the desert chickens from Mali or the camel milk that are making him feel rotten. Anyway, after his blood transfusion he should be OK to go back to Dubai to sunbathe on the beach. Maybe he will buy a new diamond ring for you-know-who!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Joe Cool 5 years ago

      As the country’s No 1 vampire, he doesn’t need blood transfusions.

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    Mazano Rewayi 5 years ago

    Knowing how foolish and selfish we have become as a people, a sizable number of “evil servants” will fall for this trap. Remember the “Shut down Zim” saga – before pay most stayed at home, once paid 50% of their peanuts and promised the balance all abandoned poor Mawarire and company. When you herd sheep you get to know their every move. Zimbos are basically sheep to Zanu PF – we need more goats among us for change to happen! I sincere hope I am wrong.

    • comment-avatar
      Joe Cool 5 years ago

      There are no civil or evil servants in Zimbabwe. They are our masters along with Zanu PF. Without their help Zanu could not possibly control us all. They have already grabbed all the money, so after the remaining land land it will be the vehicles, furniture and other assets that will be confiscated on one pretext or another.