Govt to provide 90 buses for schools tourism programme

via Govt to provide 90 buses for schools tourism programme – Radio Dialogue 31 October 2014

Government is in the process of acquiring vehicles for the schools tourism program in an effort to promote domestic tourism amongst school children in the country.

This was revealed recently by the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality, Walter Mzembi during the official launch of the Hospitality Association Zimbabwe annual congress in Bulawayo.

In his address, Minister Mzembi noted that it was important for children to start touring their own country before overseas.   

“. . . just recently l was compelled by the school to pay US $3500 to give my children a holiday experience in  Europe . l wondered why I was paying all this money , why l would send my children to have an overseas experience yet they are so ignorant of their own country,

“Charity begins at home, let them understand the local products first so that they can be good ambassadors even as they do their program,” Muzembi said.

The Minister noted that deals were being made to access 90 vehicles meant specifically for the school tourism model.

“. . . we are going to make available an approximate of 90 or so buses or vehicles to the ministry and its parastatals  so that they can be accessed by schools for full tours,

“We used to have them and the president is very passionate about them. . . l know that this is a product that can be fulfilled.” He said.

The Tourism Industry recently intensified efforts to grow the tourism sector by introducing new models that include packages and incentives for the civil service, schools tourism as well as a diaspora tourism strategy.


  • comment-avatar
    Panda moyo 9 years ago

    Ingenious way of milking money from the parents,thought you wanted to protect them by forbidding them to contribute twards their ecd graduation ceremonies.i see touring is much,much more important.

  • comment-avatar
    agenda 9 years ago

    the roads are too bad we will loose our children for nothing

  • comment-avatar
    tonyme 9 years ago

    This is a very noble idea and I will be glad to work with the industry in the diaspora. Please contact me so we can work together.

  • comment-avatar
    Twice Mabuza 9 years ago

    Good Investment starts with education. Just consider how many students can we send to University with that Money which will be used to buy the buses. There are so many School leavers who finish their High School with good grades, but their parents cannot afford their University studies. When will the government and the successful companies take this into consideration? It’s a good idea, but 90 buses it’s just a drop. Not even half of the School children will opportunity to use these buses. May the government please help our talented children by sending them to iniversity.