Govt to splash $1,4m on top-of-the-range cars for MPs

Source: Govt to splash $1,4m on top-of-the-range cars for MPs – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 31, 2016

GOVERNMENT is set to splash $1,4 million on top-of-the-range vehicles for the 40 newly-elected MPs, as part of their parliamentary benefits, despite the severe cash squeeze and food shortages facing the nation.


The MPs were sworn in last year to replace those who were recalled by both Zanu PF and the opposition MDC-T due to factional fights.

Zanu PF chief whip and Gutu Central MP, Lovemore Matuke, told NewsDay yesterday that government had secured funds to buy the new wheels for the newly-elected MPs.

“Government has a priority list and it has now found it important that the newly-elected MPs, those who did not benefit from the initial phase, can also benefit from the parliamentary vehicle loan scheme, which is funded by Treasury,” he said.

“Our MPs, in most cases, use public transport like buses to come to Parliament while they waited for their vehicles. But now, they are going to enjoy similar benefits as their counterparts.

“We were told that government will prioritise the provision of cars and it has now come to pass. We knew it was not a deliberate move, but government is overwhelmed by financial obligations, which are more pressing than MPs vehicles.”

Zanu-PF expelled several MPs after they were linked to fired former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T also did the same after some legislators crossed the floor to join former Finance minister Tendai Biti and ex-Energy minister Elton Mangoma’s People’s Democratic Party and Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe parties respectively.

Under the vehicle loan scheme, MPs receive the vehicles from a local car dealer and government pays for the cars on their behalf, while Parliament deducts money from the MPs’ sitting allowances until the loan is repaid.


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    they have to get to work but they have to prove they are good value for the moneys

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    When I was a young lad and at school, it was said that the Europeans who ventured to Africa found that they could get anything they wanted from Women to Land for a few ‘Trinkets’.
    I always thought this was a bit of a tall story; but now realize that the look of something that glitters is magic to Africans. But in 2016 why buy expensive cars when you are effectively Broke? Maybe a Rolex watch should be thrown in to the package as well? Is it vanity? showoff’s what? Have you not moved on. Believe me, the ‘West’ or for that matter the ‘East’ cannot go on giving you money for ever. Sooner than later it will stop and dry up. So why not try and help yourselves out of the mess. Elsewhere in this post there is an article about Business looking up! (lots of plans, but no real details) Let us read where this is so please. You have no income, it’s impossible to continue, you are Banko. If the norm is that money is stolen, one can ask is there nobody left who is honest? Already the rouges in the ‘West’ are finding life more difficult as the public are demanding that freeloaders are tightened up on. Remember there is really nowhere you can hide money as in the end the system will find it.
    I feel sorry for you, but rely do feel that it’s of your own making and perpetuation. When it goes pear shaped they will be fighting to get on the last bicycle out of the country. Of course then is the time to let the tires down; or shall I say park a bus on the runway.

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago