Grace in Singapore as Zimbabwe shuts down

First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday reportedly left the country for Singapore ahead of today’s nationwide stay away against President Robert Mugabe and his government’s failure to turn around the economy and deal with corruption.

Source: Grace in Singapore as Zimbabwe shuts down – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 13, 2016

The country is going through an economic meltdown, which has seen government failing to pay civil servants on time.

Grace was spotted at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, en route to Singapore.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba said he was unaware of the whereabouts of the First Lady. “I don’t know about that. You seem to know better than I do. In any case, what has that have to do with you, NewsDay people?” Charamba retorted.

“I am not at work, so really I don’t know what you are asking me.”

Singapore has become virtually the second home of the First Family, as they travel to the Far East country regularly for medical attention amid reports that they also have businesses interests there.


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    What a surprize, the Theft Family now has a second home in Singapore. exciting, coz all along I thot their second home was in Murombedzi. Interesting still that Grace with of course her entourage can afford endless trips to their 2nd home ini ndichashaya mari yekusvika pangu paMurewa paseri apa.
    Kana kuti kuda kuoona kuti zvinhu zvichamira sei.

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    tonyme 6 years ago

    How can a national spokesperson for the nation not know the going on at the highest level, including First Lady going to Singapore. Unless he is hiding something, this bus a disservice to the nation. Transparency is important. Why would the first family make such trips amid controversy? Zimbabwe, this shows an uncaring attitude.

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      Nokuda 6 years ago

      That the issue @tonyme. Why is Charamba not comfortable telling the nation that yes the first lady is overseas enjoying herself whilst her husband castigates civil servants for not understanding that there is no money.

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    Ndonga 6 years ago

    A very, very interesting and telling report.

    It is obvious that she could not tell Georgie Charamba that she was off on an urgent trip to Singapore. He may have taken fright and done a runner himself, leaving the Zimbabwean people with no doubt that there is extreme fear in the Mugabe household.

    Our “First Lady” has obviously gone to Singapore to make sure that her loved and valuable possessions are safely out of Zimbabwe, and that everything is well at the Mugabe home there. Things like turning on the geyser, getting the lawn cut, filling the fridges, stocking up on disposable adult nappies, finding a full time nurse for her senile “pee in his pants” husband, …and most important of all, making sure that that US $ 15 billion they got for the diamonds they stole from the people of Zimbabwe is still safe and secure in their bank.

    Yes, very exciting times for our Zimbabwe. But please God, let us make sure that we choose the right leader this time.

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    william mills 6 years ago

    I read somewhere that Dr. Grace has been operated on for colon cancer, which probably means her colon has been removed. This procedure may prolong life but it imposes some very real unpleasant lifelong procedures on the patient. Anyone living with this condition deserves sympathy, but the alternative is also unpleasant.