Gudyanga blamed for ZCDC’s failure

Source: Gudyanga blamed for ZCDC’s failure – The Zimbabwe Independent June 2, 2017

THE re-assigned former Mines permanent secretary Francis Gudyanga was cited as one of the biggest problems at the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) as he symbolised heavy political interference in the company, the National Assembly has said.

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There is a litany of allegations against Gudyanga on how he was failing the diamond sector since the formation of the ZCDC.

A recent report presented by the chairperson of the Mines and Energy parliamentary portfolio committee, Daniel Shumba, says interference by government officials and politicians in the mining of diamonds in the Marange diamond fields should cease forthwith.

Contacted for comment by the Zimbabwe Independent on Wednesday this week, Gudyanga remarked: “Listen before you go far, I am not commenting. Thank you very much,” he said before terminating the phone call.

The committee recommended Gudyanga’s dismissal within a month. This week, in a reshuffle of permanent secretaries, President Robert Mugabe re-assigned him to the Ministry of Higher Education.

“The Civil Service Commission should recall the Permanent Secretary of Mines Professor Gudyanga in line with section 205 of the Constitution. The grounds for dismissal include his role in aiding illicit financial outflows, poor corporate governance and at times his position has been conflicted,” read the recommendations.

Gudyanga stands accused of interfering and wreaking havoc at ZCDC in the wrong direction.

“The committee noted with concern that there is too much political interference in the mining of diamonds in Marange, particularly by the Permanent Secretary of Mines and Mining Development, Professor F.P Gudyanga.

“Without a proper legal framework which outlines the responsibilities of the various State actors in the diamond sector, the current system is porous and being abused. As a result, the country will not be able to realise meaningful returns from the sector.

“Whilst the Diamond Policy outlines government’s vision in the diamond sector, it is not binding on anyone.

Furthermore, it is unacceptable that the Secretary of Mines is directly involved in operational issues at ZCDC, at MMCZ, at ZMDC and at other institutions that are directly linked to the mining industry. The workload is too heavy for one person and this had negative impacts on operations of some of these entities.”

Among other charges, Gudyanga is accused of allowing ZCDC to register as a private company, appointing the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation board in a partisan manner while packing it unlawfully with his cronies from Manicaland and failing to meet the gender balance stipulations of the constitution, poor revenue output and taking the ZCDC into gold mining in Gache-Gache near Kariba.

Since its formation, ZCDC has been performing below expectation and the company has changed its management numerous times, with little change in mineral production levels.

When Gudyanga was re-assigned, there was jubilation at the company who welcomed the move.