Gushungo bomb: accused says not a politician

Source: Gushungo bomb: accused says not a politician 15/04/2016

A SOLDIER facing charges of trying to bomb Gushungo dairies in February this year, Borman Ngwenya, Friday distanced himself from Zimbabwe Peoples Front political party when the trial proceeded to defence case.

Ngwenya is accused of trying to bomb the first family’s farm among other charges. His co-accused, Zimbabwe Peoples Front president Owen Kuchata, is already serving nine years after own plea.

Other accomplices are Solomon Makumbe, also a soldier, and Silas Pfupa an ex –soldier.

Ngwenya, who is attached to Intelligence Corps, told court that he only got to know about Kuchata’s party through his (Kuchata) girlfriend, Rumbidzai Matsanga, whom he works with.

He told court that he was the one who hooked up Kuchata and Matsanga, adding that was what strengthened their friendship.

“I first met Kuchata at National sports stadium on National Defence Forces day when we were exhibiting our machinery with Matsanga and others.

“Kuchata approached our stand holding his phone up for a long time; so I approached him and told him not to take photos because we had been instructed that no one was allowed to take pictures. He left and came back later still holding his phone up and aiming at our equipment,” he said.

He added, “I approached him again but he said he was not taking any pictures. He then told me that we all worked for the government. He told me that he was attached to Central intelligence office before he asked if he could have a word with Matsanga.”

According to Ngwenya, he later freed Matsanga after work and allowed Kuchata to have a chat with her. He said that was when they exchanged phone numbers and got to know that they both came from Gokwe.

The soldier told court that Kuchata and Matsanga fell in love that day.

He said Kuchata bought him two beers thanking him for linking him up with his newly found love.

Later, according to Ngwenya, Matsanga started complaining about Kuchata’s profile pictures on WhatsApp and some messages she came across in his phone.

“At one time she told me that one of his pictures was written Zimbabwe 2018 President,” he said.

According to Ngwenya, Kuchata refused to disclose what was going on because he feared Ngwenya would expose him as he was a soldier.

He told court that Kuchata opened up after breaking up with Matsanga and confirmed that he was the leader of a political party.

Ngwenya said he told Kuchata that he was not into politics and would only talk to him as a friend.

However, after a few months, in November last year, two officers visited Ngwenya’s residence when he was on leave.

Ngwenya told court they found him and his wife at home and ordered that he was supposed to show up at work.

Ngwenya followed the two sergeants, one Mahachi and one Chitimbe.

That was when he was arrested and interrogated about his relationship with Kuchata.

He told court that he never denied talking to Kuchata.

He is expected to continue giving his defence case on April 21.

Ngwenya is denying the charges, saying he was carrying his duties when he was arrested together with his alleged accomplices.

He told court he was acting under instructions of one of his bosses, Major Mashava.

Mashava, however, told the investigating officer in this case that the army was unaware of this operation.

Mashava is said alleged to have said that Ngwenya was actually under investigations for participating in politics.