Gushungo bombing suspect bares it all

ZIMBABWE National Army artillery officer Borman Ngwenya, facing a sabotage charge emanating from the foiled Gushungo Dairy bombing plot, yesterday told the court his co-accused Owen Kuchata was interested in procuring army uniforms for his political party activities.

Source: Gushungo bombing suspect bares it all – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 22, 2016


Kuchata, who is president of the little-known Zimbabwe People’s Front Party, is already serving a nine-year jail term over the sabotage and money-laundering charge.

Ngwenya made the claims as he testified in the ongoing trial for allegedly plotting to bomb the dairy project in Mazowe early this year.

He told the court that Kuchata requested for the uniforms after his return from a week-long visit to Victoria Falls.

“Upon his return from Victoria Falls, he told me of his plan to cause personal pain to (President Robert) Mugabe. He (Kuchata) asked if he could procure him four or five pairs of army uniforms,” Ngwenya said.

He added that after a two-month delay in January this year, Kuchata asked if I could bribe officers at the ordinance section to speed up the procurement of the uniforms.

“Kuchata asked if the process could be speeded up and offered me $20 to bribe the officers at the ordinance,” Ngwenya added.

Ngwenya also told the court that on New Year’s Day, he accompanied Kuchata to Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba and the Chinese Embassy in Mount Pleasant to check on targets they could bomb.

Ngwenya had earlier told the court that he joined Kuchata’s party at the instigation of a Major Mashava, who is with military intelligence based at Cranborne Barracks.

Ngwenya also said Mashava then gave him his mobile number and asked him to report all developments directly.

He produced call records that showed his communication with Mashava for regular briefings.
The trial continues today.

Michael Reza is prosecuting, while Exactly Mangezi is the defence counsel.


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    “Kuchata asked if the process could be speeded up and offered me $20 to bribe the officers at the ordinance,” Ngwenya added.

    Truly, it seems all was some kind of childish joke – and the clowning seems to continue unabated.

    I remember even a raggedly dressed police office I once met mounting a fishy one-man roadblock refusing my offer $20 passage-fee. Yes, clearly it was just passage-fee, that I opted to pay since I was in a hurry and didn’t want the hungry & bluffing idiot to waste my time. I know I did not break any law as the idiot claimed – but had to pay something to be allowed to pass.

    Anyway, the point is: given the nature and magnitude of the issue before the courts could anyone have been induced or enticed to involve themselves in such risky acts by a mere $20? Is this not hogwash at its worst?

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    harper 6 years ago

    Its nearly as good as the splash about SA Superspy Leslie Lesia with his “James Bond” BMW on the front page of the Herald. Or Ovis sent to Prison for life for possessing a radio and encoding machine to communicate with his SA Spymaster – only for the radio to transform into a walkman and the encoding machine into a portable typewriter when the case went to appeal. CIO Hogwash loved bt the Herald.