High Court orders Linda Masarira’s release

High Court judge Justice David Mangota has ordered the release of activist Linda Masarira, who has been incarcerated since July 6 over her participation in the anti-government demonstrations More details to follow

Source: High Court orders Linda Masarira’s release – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 26, 2016


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    Fallenz 6 years ago

    The question remains… will the policia release Masarira, or not.

    The problem is that ZANU-PF and their enforcers picks and chooses which judgment with which they comply. To them it matters not whether the judgment is from a local magistrate or countered by the High Court, they choose the declaration which benefits them. Allowing themselves this option is why they refuse to synchronize the laws with the Constitution.

    ZANU-PF is for law and order… as long as they agree with the law, and the order is to their liking. Pure jungle mentality… and it will continue as long as they have any control. That control must be wrenched from them… preferably, from ZANU-pf’s cold, dead hand.