History will remember

via History will remember – The Zimbabwean 4 February 2015 by Jera

There is hardly ever rhyme or reason to the manner in which he operates. It was his hand behind the bulldozers that left 700,000 citizens homeless after Murambatsvina.

Thereafter, Chombo’s ministry attempted dismally to do damage control with a sorry residential project, ironically named Garikai-Hlalani Kuhle (live comfortably), for a place where one would be hard-pressed to find even one house with fully functional indoor plumbing. And who can forget the ill-advised cancellation of all council bills, which left most municipalities struggling to pay salaries. Then came a second wave of property destruction, after the local government snoozed, while desperate home-seekers built their properties on wetlands.

History will remember Chombo as a minister of local government who destroyed more homes than he build and a town planner whose uncollected refuse and burst sewer pipes cost 6,000 lives after a countrywide cholera epidemic.