Hotel boots out 40 MPs

via Hotel boots out 40 MPs | The Herald July 9, 2015 by Zvamaida Murwira

More than 40 legislators were humiliated this week after they were booted out of a local hotel over non-payment of accommodation fees by Parliament. Parliament administrators were forced to move in and provide the legislators with accommodation with other hotels that have not cracked their whip as Parliament struggled to pay service providers.

Sources said about 40 MPs were on Monday booted out of Crowne Plaza, a subsidiary of African Sun Hotel amid indications that other hotels would do the same on legislators booked in its other subsidiary like Holiday Inn.

Government Chief Whip, Cde Joram Gumbo, confirmed the development yesterday.

“Yes some of the MPs were booted out of Crowne Plaza because Treasury has not been paying. The hotel wants its money so we have moved the MPs to other hotels,” said Cde Gumbo who could not say how many MPs were affected.

During yesterday’s National Assembly sitting, Proportionate Representative MP Ms Spiwe Muchenje (MDC-T), asked Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi, what his Ministry was doing to deal with African Sun hotel which ejected the legislators.

But Acting Speaker of the National Assembly Cde Melody Dziva, ruled the question out of order saying administration of Parliament was dealing with the issue.

African Sun acting chief executive officer, Mr Edwin Shangwa and Crowne Plaza general manager, Mr Ignatious Katsidzira, were both said to be in meetings by their personal assistants when The Herald called their offices.

Acting Clerk of Parliament Dr Andreas Rukobo, said they had since secured accommodation for MPs in other hotels.

“What is important for us now is that there is no MP who has no accommodation. There are other hotels like Rainbow, Meikles and others who are accepting our MPs. Maybe African Sun has got issues which we hope will be discussed and resolved. I have not seen an MP who has no accommodation,” said Dr Rukobo.

He, however, declined to give details of Parliament’s indebtedness to Crowne Plaza.

A source at Parliament said Treasury and hotels had an offset facility in which the Ministry of Finance would liquidate its indebtedness to hotels through taxes that they owed to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

“Treasury has suspended that offset facility and that might have triggered African Sun to take that drastic action,” said the source.


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    Gomogranny 7 years ago

    Government officials are no different from any other customer. If you expect a service you pay for it. PAY FOR IT…that applies most especially to MP’s….
    That is how you grow your industry instead of destroying it.
    A fine example is the Chimanimani Hotel which took in Government and Council and CIO and Police and any big chef with promises of payment. The Messenger of the court came and removed the beds just last week…the Hotel has been declared insolvent and workers have not been paid…..THAT, Sir is WHY your MP’s must pay for their beds like every other customer.

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    Malcolm 7 years ago

    It seems not much has changed in the Hotel industry in Zimbabwe. Experienced this situation in 2008– All rooms booked by V.I.P.’s for three day conference, meals, drinks and all the late night fun they enjoy the most. End of the day– no pay. Three months later, after extensive efforts, finally received a cheque, which by then was of no value due to hyper inflation at the time. Only one way to operate, and that is C.I.F. ( Cash in Front)

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    What I noticed is that they apparently use, or try to use a barter system of tax against cost

    How quaint – as if money hadn’t been invented

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    It is a very sad commentary see and watch our elected officials being treated so poorly because of bad management. while some ministers live in luxury and well above regular standards, others in the state have to suffer even though they try to do an honest job. I can imagine how they feel being ejected because government has failed them. Think of diplomats and their families. Think of teachers and hospital workers who go for months without salary. Where is the money going? We have gold and diamond mines but there is nothing to show for it. Auditor General has pointed where deficiencies lie, but nobody wants to fix the problem or plug the leaking holes. How do leaders expect to save a country when the rate of thievery far exceeds the rate of revenue collection> It’s jus a sad commentary for Zimbabwe.