Human trafficking agent identified

Source: Human trafficking agent identified | The Herald June 6, 2016

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
A woman believed to have facilitated the trafficking of Zimbabwean women to Kuwait where they were turned into slaves has been identified as Norest Maruma.

According to the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs Cde Kindness Paradza, Maruma is believed to have worked with her Ghanaian boyfriend to dupe the women into believing they had landed well-paying jobs in the Gulf country.

Fifteen victims arrived home from Kuwait last Thursday evening after Government intervened and bought them tickets to return home.

“A Zimbabwean woman who was working in cahoots with these Kuwait agents is currently at our embassy. We want her to come. So, Kuwait authorities are monitoring her so that she can be repatriated to be in custody,” said Cde Paradza.

On arrival at a shelter where some victims of human trafficking were being housed in Kuwait, Maruma was severely assaulted by some women who identified her as the architect of their misery.

“What happened was that when she arrived at the shelter, she met the girls whom she had facilitated their travel to Kuwait, and upon identification of the agent, they started assaulting and insulting her.

“She was beaten thoroughly only to be saved by some Ghanaian women, he said.

The Herald saw the video in which Maruma was severely attacked by the victims.

Maruma faces arrest on landing at Harare International Airport.

She is expected to assist authorities in apprehending culprits behind human trafficking in the country.

Cde Paradza said five more women were said to have fled to the Zimbabwean embassy in Kuwait seeking assistance to be repatriated home.

He said Government had already set aside a fund through the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare to cater for the women’s travelling expenses.

Cde Paradza said his committee was happy that Government had intervened in the matter and hoped more victims would soon be repatriated from Kuwait.

There are indications more Zimbabwean women could be stuck in some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia.