I don’t use mubobobo: Kereke

I don’t use mubobobo: Kereke | The Herald. April 7, 2016

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
Zanu-PF Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke told the court yesterday that he does not possess black magic or mubobobo, that he could have used to rape a girl as he was nowhere near her.

Kereke is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 2010 and indecently assaulting her sister who was 15 years at the time.

Defending himself, Kereke said on August 22, the day of the alleged rape, he was sound asleep at his home at No. 75 Wallis Road in Mandara, Harare.

“I know supernatural powers like mubobobo exist out there, but I do not possess them such that I could be alleged to have raped her in Vainona while I was in Mandara,” said Kereke.

“I was with my brother Cletos Kereke, who is in the Air Force and had visited for the weekend. At my house, there are two security guards who saw me entering at 9pm and I stayed at the house until 10am the following day.

“My wife, Patience Maramwidze, her mother, brother and the security guard at (my) Vainona home are witnesses that I was not there.”

Turning to allegations of fondling and kissing the other girl, Kereke said he did not possess powers to remotely fondle her as he was in the United States.

Kereke insisted that the alleged victims pestered him for $8 000 to clear their school fees arrears and buy air tickets to travel to the United Kingdom.

“On 23 August, 2010, the girls asked me for money for school fees,” said Kereke.

“Prior to that, my wife Patience also confirmed that their grandmother, Elizabeth, had approached her at The Avenues Clinic pleading for financial assistance.

“The girls were already out of school due to non-payment of school fees and in September one of the girls texted me asking for money. I did not respond.

“I asked my wife to check with the girls’ father why he was letting the minors beg for money on things a parent should look after.”

Kereke added that he is not alcoholic neither does he smoke or suffer from any mental illness.

“The girls said I was in the habit of placing my hands in their pants in the presence of my wife. It is absurd, to say the least,” said Kereke.

“I have been happily married for 38 years and it is unbelievable that I would do such an abominable act before my wife.”

The trial was adjourned to April 26.


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    mambo 6 years ago

    Kereke claims in this article to have been ‘happily married’ for 38 years. But in a letter to Mujuru published in the Daily News of 17 January, 2014 he wrote: “Some die young. Some die much older. And on this, Jesus our Saviour died at 33 years old; I am fortunate to have reached 41 years of age…”.

    Are we to believe he married at the age of 5?