I protected white farmers: Mnangagwa

via I protected white farmers: Mnangagwa – Southern Eye January 14, 2016

ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa has sensationally claimed that he personally protected scores of white commercial farmers still on their land despite Zanu PF’s drive to repossess all white-owned land and redistribute it among black farmers.


Speaking during a memorial service to celebrate the life of Estelle Theresa Coetzee at Kwekwe Sports Club yesterday, Mnangagwa said most of the farmers still had their land because of his close connection to the Coetzee family, proprietors of Dendairy.

“I have kept this a secret, but let me tell you now: The majority of you are still here because of Neville (Coetzee) and his wife. Every morning they would be at my house bothering me left and right to protect you. If you did not know it, it’s because of the good nature of the Coetzee family, who I have worked very well with over the past 40 years, that you are still here,” Mnangagwa said.

The memorial service was attended by Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Zanu PF national deputy secretary for administration July Moyo and Gokwe-Kana MP Owen Ncube together with hundreds of farmworkers and white farmers.

Estelle, who was born in 1941 and died on January 6, will best be remembered for her philanthropic work.

Mnangagwa said he appreciated dairy farming, hence Midlands Province took a bold stand to protect dairy farmers.

The Acting President said they convinced the party leadership of the importance of the dairy industry and now Midlands had become the largest milk producer in the country.

“Here in Midlands we stood our ground to avoid disruptions of the dairy industry and convinced the party leadership. As a result, Midlands is now the number one dairy producing province in the country,” he said.

The Coetzee family, apart from having been the founders of Dendairy, own a farm with over 2 000 dairy cattle that produce 85 000 litres of milk daily.

Their farm was invaded by war veterans and Zanu PF supporters more than five times at the height of land invasions, but the invaders were pushed out by the police.

Mnangagwa described the Coetzee family, which has been in Kwekwe for 54 years, as central in the development of the dairy industry.

“They have introduced a scheme of outgrowers where they support farmers starting in the dairy industry and produce milk which is supplied to Dendairy. Neville was also instrumental in the construction of Mbembeswani Dam which has helped the community over the years,” Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa said he once tried his hand at dairy farming, but later sold his cows after his then manager allegedly stole from him.

“In just less than a year, he had opened his own supermarket and because I did not want to go to court, I sold the cows and closed the dairy part of the farm,” Mnangagwa said.


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    Tsuro 5 years ago

    “Kugocha kunoda kwaMnangagwa naMugabe kwaTsvangson kunodzima moto”, In this context literal translation means Mugabe and Mnangagwa are allowed to support and get support from a white man, a farmer for that matter, but if a person like Tsvangson does the same he becomes a sell out. Anyway it is the case of the crocodile trying to turn into a sheep and woo to the gullible white man.

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      Pidigori 5 years ago

      These guys knew all along this land reform program was going to be a disaster for the economy and the country, I’m least surprised by the open confession by the Croc. Unfortunately, the truth is slowly coming out way too late, the other day he told us about Comrade Tongogara, this guy is like a proper snake in the grass or rather a lizard as Prof. Moyo insinuated.

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      Bull Ant 5 years ago

      Wapedza. Zanu kurwara nepfungwa chaiko

    • comment-avatar
      mark longhurst 5 years ago

      don’t worry we know that, you know that, the reality this man has blood on his hands and is complicit in grand scale theft looting and crimes against the people of Zimbabwe…most of our hearts are in the soil with the people, zanu must be excommunicated

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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    It says all we need to know about policy consistency and the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

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    You protected white farmers from what?but on the other side leading gukurahudi masacre.in less than a year he opened his supermarket so what ?he was paid right unlike you who destroyed everything including red cliff hotel .am sure the farmers are paying you a protection fee you snake

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    John Smith 5 years ago

    According to an investigation carried out by a well known Investigator from Freshpro part of the SPAR Group, says yes I a way he did provide help to white farmers, those farmers evicted by Mugabe rule who were Dairy Farmers could move to Kwekwe and be allocated a farm, they could bring their dairy cattle and be resettled on condition that all their milk is sold to DENDAIRY Kwekwe but Dendairy is owned by foreigners and Zimbabweans including this minister himself – it made him a rich minister with funds paid from abroad he had the approval of Gideon Gono who educated his children in Australia where the foreign directors live from Dendairy whoops !

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    Mazano Rewayi 5 years ago

    Proof of much that is wrong with the system in Zim is presented here. Proof that land reform was a farce, proof that there is no rule of law but warlordism, proof that when it’s hot in Zpf you run to the whites, proof that with Zpf in power we only move in circles. And all of it from a very authoritative source – the VP.

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    Zvakwana 5 years ago

    His lips were moving!

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    MikeH 5 years ago

    Protected white farmers indeed !!! P*ss Off !!!

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    C Frizell 5 years ago

    What this says to me is that Ngwenya has put his fingers up the nostrils of not only The Bhobho but lunatics like Zhuwao as well.

    Interesting times indeed.

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    Bexilford 5 years ago

    What is interesting is that white farms in Middlands are prorected yet thosre in Matebeland are trashed by those who work in the
    President’s office like Ray Ndhukula and Mzilikazi

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    In the dim / grey realms of history,possibly 1917 the start of Russian revolution,with the drums of hungry discontent rolling,was it madam Tsarists?or Maria Antonetta french revaluation in genuine sympathy said “give them bread”,when told there was no bread,she answered,”then give them cake” I remember those were the words of some ignorant well meaning b……ch.Zimbabwe has now the answer to possible starvation give them,milk,butter,cream,cheese,ice cream,milk shakes.Ngwenya the hero.Who need,Nsima,Sadza,Magwei,Repoka,Munga,Nyma,Hooku,Ngaruwe,Nbudzi,Mbarere,Banbala,Please excuse my spelling long time away from home

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    A Cynic 3 years ago

    The tyrant is deposed……long live the Tyrant…..after a lifetime of black lies, black deceit, black mismanagement and mega corruption…what are we supposed to believe from the new
    man in charge. He will still be in power after another 37 years of being in power. He will blame, persecute and belittle the whites and …well,… behave just like all the other black leaders !.

    Yesterdays crocodile is still a crocodile tomorrow….