I was a brutal Zanu PF enforcer, Mutasa

via I was a brutal Zanu PF enforcer, Mutasa- NewZimbabwe 03 March 2015

DEPOSED Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, has admitted that he was a “brutal member” of President Robert Mugabe’s regime for 35 years.

The former presidential affairs minister was feared across the country and particularly in his Manicaland home province where he was known as “the godfather”.

Now scrambling to reclaim lost glory, Mutasa pours his heart and soul out to all and sundry in court papers accompanying his application seeking to overturn the Zanu PF 6th congress held in December last year.

The ex-Speaker of Parliament and minister in different ministries including state security where he was in-charge of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), chronicled his history in the party and government, transcending no less than 50 years.

“I thus served as a brutal loyal member of the second respondent,” said Mutasa apparently admitting for the first time that he used brute force in his engagements as both a government and party official.

“I have been loyal to the party, to the national liberation and indeed to the person of the second respondent himself.”

Mutasa, an ally of axed vice president Joice Mujuru, was accused of ordering the violent of putdowns of Zanu PF’s political rivals but has steadfastly denied sanctioning any killings.

In the court application, he reveals his association with Mugabe which he describes as “very close”, adding he remains in a state of shock over the events of the last few months that resulted in his expulsion.

“I have been extremely close to (Mugabe) perhaps closer than any other senior member of the party.

“Thus the events of the last eight months have come as a shock to myself, my family and those that exercise their right to freedom of association and share the founding values and principles of the First Respondent and indeed the liberation struggle,” Mutasa said.

He accused Oppah Muchinguri of flouting party regulations in her invitation to First Lady Grace Mugabe to take charge of the Women’s League.

Grace’s whirlwind tour of the provinces, Mutasa said, created a “siege atmosphere in Zanu PF” amid accusation that he, Mujuru and other leaders had sought to assassinate Mugabe.

“All these allegations were baseless but the net result was that an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, duress and hatred was created in the party long before congress.

“The siege atmosphere then triggered the purging, through votes of no confidence of all provincial chairpersons and other members deemed to be allies on vice president Mujuru,” he said.

Mujuru and most of her lieutenants were fired from government for allegedly plotting to oust Mugabe ahead of the Zanu PF congress last year.


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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    Should we feel sorry for you Mutasa. You all caused us grief for 35 bloody years. GO TO HELL.

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      changa 6 years ago


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      Ndonga 6 years ago

      Agreed, How can we feel sorry for that beast Mutasa. He is only crying out his eyes because he has lost his easy source of illicit wealth…and now stands at risk of losing all that he stole in the past.
      Yes GO TO HELL. The last thing we suffering Zimbabweans need is someone like Mutasa in our camp.
      And even if Mugabe himself fell on his knees and begged forgiveness and resigned today I would have the same feelings towards him. I can never forget, nor ever forgive, all the suffering he caused to my own family and to all the other honest people of Zimbabwe.
      God speed that day…

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        There are no saints in Zanu pf and there have never been. What Mutasa is saying now is a very open secret that is known by everybody. Why he chooses to highlight it now shows that he is not repentant. The cards fell wrong for him now he tries to wriggle out of it by telling what he was. If he was given another chance he would do the same. We also know that his nephew Mliswa has the same violent tendencies. Who would have sympathy for a man who would of liked the population halved.

        In April 1998, Mutasa, in defending President Robert Mugabe, said that if Mugabe were pressed to step down, then the entire Cabinet and Politburo should step down along with him, because, in Mutasa’s view, if Mugabe had truly “stayed for too long and misgoverned”, then those who had governed with him, “including those who are calling on Mugabe to step down”, must have done so as well.[9] In 2002, he controversially said that it would be a good thing if the population were halved: “We would be better off with only six million people, with our own people who supported the liberation struggle. We don’t want all these extra people.”

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    Yes, Mutasa so far has not shown any remorse for brutalizing, maiming, & killing of innocent people in the name of greedy & zanu pf. He is indeed an unrepentant sinner. It’s evident that the hoodlum has no regrets for his inhumane acts at all; and given as second chance by his ‘god’ Mugabe he would surely inflict even much more harm on fellow being than he has done before.


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    Vapambepfumi 6 years ago

    Let not personal feelings cloud the essence and desired outcome of the court action, which is the rule of law. This is a feat no opposition politician can perform. These guys blundered in past and may be unrepentant but a court verdict in their favour will and can be a turning point in Zim politics.
    Do not support them but support the principles which they are advocating for. The death of Mugabe will not deliver freedom, it is the destruction of the evil system by which Zanuidiots operates and who best can be proponents in destroying it but the very people who know the system inside out. So let all Zimbabwe rally behind the court action and put aside personal feelings about those who have brought it up for a later day. A lesson also we need to learn from this whole Zanuidiots maladministration and fiasco is that no politician let alone political party must be worshipped.

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    masvukupete 6 years ago

    Zimbos do not pay attention to this fraud of a story. They Mutasa and Bob are working together to keep focus away from real issues and the opposition. Ngwaraiwo manhi ma Zimbo.