Immigration tightens security

Source: Immigration tightens security | The Herald December 16, 2016

Crime Reporter—

The Department of Immigration is set to introduce eyeris scanning machines to curb counterfeit travelling documents and beef up security to counter acts of terrorism at all the country’s exit and entry points.Speaking at the Awards of Excellency for the Department of Immigration recently, Principal Immigration Director Mr Clemence Masango, said the department had been undergoing a restructuring exercise since 2007. He said they had so far registered a number of successes, which included the computerisation process of the department.

“We are also looking at introducing eyeris scanners as a way of combating travel document fraud and also as a way of enhancing security. We know there is a lot of counterfeiting of documents and in this era of terrorism, it is important that we improve on security of our travel documents and also their examination,” he said.

Mr Masango said the recently introduced online visa application processing facility had managed to stamp out corruption among their officers.

“We managed to come up with an online visa application processing facility, which has enhanced the way we deliver our services in that we have modernised, we have become more efficient and we have also significantly managed to reduce corruption, mainly because there is no more personal contact between our officers and clients.

“Even revenue has significantly increased as this has also become a tool of plugging the loopholes. As resources permit, it is also the department’s vision to introduce a call centre to allow clients to call in on general inquiries or to register complaints or compliments,” he said.

Mr Masango said the awards were meant to recognise and reward service excellence, honesty and outstanding performance of the immigration officers.

He said this would not only motivate the recipients but other officers as they believed in teamwork.

The awards, which were sponsored by Huawei Zimbabwe, were attended by Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer Mr Karikoga Kaseke, officers from Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, diplomats and senior Government officials.

Huawei Zimbabwe managing director Mr Albert Yang, chronicled how the Immigration Department had continuously supported them and for their fast reaction in processing visas and work permits for their global ICT experts to travel to the country for various projects.


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    Morty Smith 5 years ago

    Like people are battling all odds to get into Zimbabwe? The unreality of this government never ceases to amaze.

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      Joe Cool 5 years ago

      It’s a wave of terrorists coming to destabilise the country.

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    The Chinese, who come in their huge numbers due to bribing the immigration officers, are the BIG problem in this country. The Zing-Zongs think nothing of bribing ANYONE for even the slightest of favours. They are buying/collecting all the $100 & $50 notes in this country and then bribing the Customs officials (Zimra) at the airport, leaving with suitcases and briefcases stashed full to the rim with US$ cash. They are the people that the Immigration authorities should stop from entering this country. Beware of the Yellow Race.