JB Sibanda savages Zanu PF

via JB Sibanda savages Zanu PF – Southern Eye 13 May 2015 by Obey Manayiti

OUSTED former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda says the Zanu PF leadership lacks depth and is seeking to benefit from the sacrifice made by other people.

Sibanda was one of the first officials to be unceremoniously sacked from Zanu PF after he threatened to march to State House to confront President Robert Mugabe over concerns raised by war veterans.

The former war veterans’ leader said continued infighting in Zanu PF was caused by leaders trying to impose their opinions on the nation.

“This Zanu PF is a faction and the last congress was no longer a Zanu PF congress, but a faction congress,” Sibanda said.

“A political party is based on the support of people.

“Myself, as a war veteran, I have a legacy for the nation and not that of individuals.

“What we have in Zanu PF now is leaders trying to shape the legacy of a nation and they are doing it in reverse. It will not work.”

He said people all over the country were curious to know when the Zanu PF infighting was going to end.

“My answer to the question is why people ask the time it is going to end,” Sibanda said.

“The question which should be asked is: How do we stop this and have a people’s government by the people? People shouldn’t look for solutions from Zanu PF because the power is from the people and Zanu PF does not represent the people.

“People went to war to have a right to vote, but Zanu PF has taken away that right. People should fight for their right because this is counter-revolutionary.”

Sibanda said he was no longer interested in the running of Zanu PF, adding that there was no longer constitutionalism in the ruling party as individualism and fights to impose opinions had taken centre stage.

He accused the current crop of Zanu PF leaders of using unorthodox means to reap from the sacrifices made by other people.

Sibanda fell out of favour with the party after he criticised the manner in which First Lady Grace Mugabe was leading a campaign against ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru vowing a “bedroom coup” would not be accepted. Mujuru was accused of leading a faction to overthrow Mugabe, but shortly after her downfall, two new factions have emerged.

The two factions are now at each other’s throats as shown by infighting in Harare East constituency where Zanu PF leaders were sharply divided on which ruling Zanu PF candidate to support between Mavis Gumbo and Terrence Mukupe in the June 10 by-elections.


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    “People went to war to have a right to vote, but Zanu PF has taken away that right. People should fight for their right because this is counter-revolutionary.”said Jabulani

    Question is: Which voting rights is this thug talking about; is he talking about himself, Joice & Didymus being allowed to vote at some zanu pf congress?

    For all we know, since 2005 to date this hoodlum has been in the forefront of dis-enfranchising majority of Zimbabweans from exercising their freedom to vote at all national elections. Jabulani akakemba muraini medu kuZaka uko kwemwedzi wose, always the way from Bulawayo, uchiparidzira vanhu kuti vaende kunovhota vakaita dungwe vachitevera sabhuku wavo kuitira kuti vakavhotera MDC vagozikamwa vagovurawa. Saka ndiwo maelections arikutaura mhondi iyi here iwayo?

    Ngaatibvire mhani! Imhondi Jabu uyu.

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    Isn’t Sibanda another one of those “imitation whore-vets”? Like Chinos?

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    There is one unfortunate consequence to the general response of the public and opposition to people like Jabulani who may claim to be having Saul on the road to Damascus moments. It confirms the worst fears of any within the ruining party who might be tempted to see the light i.e. that they are better off kowtowing or at least keeping their mouths shut and their heads low… because they will find no forgiveness or acceptance in what will be a very cold, judgemental world outside ZANU PF if they choose to rebel and are ejected. Better to maintain the status quo and keep persecuting the believers.

    This does not shorten the road to victory.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    “Myself, as a war veteran, I have a legacy for the nation and not that of individuals.”

    Yes your LEGACY of violence will be acknowledged for time immemorial.