Jittery Chinoz demands guns

Source: Jittery Chinoz demands guns – The Standard August 29, 2016

A war veterans faction led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister, Mandi Chimene has been rattled by anti-government protests with Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba (pictured above) requesting the army to supply them with guns as he fears they could be targeted by protestors.


Chinotimba made the remarks in Mutare on Friday where the splinter Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association elected their new interim Manicaland executive that will be led by Robert Gumbo.

Chinotimba said war veterans needed to be vigilant as the country has been turned into a war zone.

“We should be security conscious, and we should all be vigilant. l am telling you now all is not well in Harare. There is war. If you don’t know where you are standing you will be killed. We should be united,’’ he said.

“We are going to commanders, if it is now war, to give us our guns because we cannot be killed as we are owners of the guns.

“This issue of Libya should be in our heads.

“We should be careful and my wife called me saying that those people might come here and l said to her let them do what they want.’’

Chimene also said Manicaland should be vigilant as they were near the Mozambican border.

“For all the problems that have been told, let us report cases of violence in time. Here in Manicaland we are near the border,” she said.

“We will not know where the violence will be coming from.”


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    From the ZRP.

  • comment-avatar
    gonzo 6 years ago

    dose he even know whitch end of the gun the bullet comes from i dont think so.

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    Barry 6 years ago

    He has the mental and social.capacity of a 4 year old. Would you give a gun to a 4 year old?

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    The mind boggles 6 years ago

    Give him a gun. No doubt he will harm himself before others the half Witt