Joice Mujuru tormentors spill the beans

via Joice Mujuru tormentors spill the beans – The Standard March 13, 2016

ZANU PF youth league members that were instrumental in the purge that targeted former vice-president Joice Mujuru have apologised for their role, saying they have since realised that they were used as pawns.


The youth leaders featured prominently at First Lady Grace Mugabe’s nationwide rallies, which she used to demand Mujuru’s resignation.

Grace accused Mujuru of corruption, incompetence and witchcraft, as well as plotting to kill President Robert Mugabe.

The First Lady is yet to produce any evidence to back the claims a year after Mujuru was fired from both Zanu PF and the government.

The seven Zanu PF provincial youth chairpersons who were recently fired for attacking Mugabe and Grace, said they were being victimised for refusing to back a similar campaign against Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa .

Three of them — Harare’s Godwin Gomwe, Vengai Musengi from Mashonaland West and Godfrey Tsenengamu of Mashonaland Central — told The Standard on Friday that they regretted their role in the Mujuru debacle.

“We didn’t know that if they want to tarnish the image of a person, they create falsehoods like what happened to Mujuru who was accused of demanding 10% from corporates and that she was consulting witchdoctors, all without evidence and we later concluded that all those were lies,” Musengi said.
“We want to apologise to her that we were used out of ignorance.”

Gomwe said the seven would mobilise and tell the people about all the allegations against Mujuru and made people believe them.

“Our role was to mobilise on the ground using that information, which we were given by [names supplied] concerning Mujuru,” he said.

“We later discovered that it was false just like what is happening to Mnangagwa right now.”
Musengi said the Zanu PF G40 faction which is fighting to stop Mnangagwa from succeeding Mugabe, was started in Mugabe’s own house through Grace.

Gomwe said those who did not support G40 were being hounded out of Zanu PF.

“We were expelled as seven provincial youth chairpersons because towards end of year last year, we were not attending the First Lady’s tours because we realised the hate speeches at Grace’s rallies were not doing any good to the party,” he said.

Mujuru has challenged Mugabe to prove the allegations he made against her in court.


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    “We want to apologise to her that we were used out of ignorance.”

    Come on! All these ex-zanu pf thieves remain as arrogant, untruthful & unrepentant as ever. What ignorance are they talking about? We all know all present & former zanu pf thieves, thugs, murderous, etc know the truth. It’s all about selfishness and greedy, greedy, greedy; not ignorant, as they all want to proclaim once they are out of zanu pf.

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    mark longhurst 6 years ago

    thes are the same people that have been ‘coerced ‘ into muggings, murder, theft and destruction of Zimbabwe, jail the f23kers don’t accept any apology

  • comment-avatar
    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    This is reflective of the selfishness pervasive in the political culture in the country. It goes back a long way. Other than Nkomo and perhaps Chitepo most of the political leaders “emerged” when Burombo’s fight was showing promise. When ZanuPF won in 1980 “Dzakutsaku Huru Yadzo” activists all joined the new government (some now lie at the Heroes Acre!), claiming they were misled by Muzorewa. When MDC became popular many jumped on the bandwagon, most just to make a name and enrich themselves. Now People First, itself frankly “a sour grapes movement”, shows some promise we see another wave of thugs professing ignorance for their past deeds. As a nation we need to find a way of keeping this selfishness in check. Our country has suffered because of this culture.

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    Tserengamu. u did the right thing. apologise. the lady is a woman of God. she wl accept yo apology,no doubt

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    Murerwa 6 years ago

    Very funny indeed, when did you realized that you were being used by disgrace? it is really a shame. the reason you were fired is because yu sidded with Mnagagwa thinking he is the stronger part yet when you noted that your dismissal from the party was unprotected by him you turn to Mujuru and apologize. it doesn’t sound like a genuine apology its desperation.