Kagonye’s car released, attached again

Source: Kagonye’s car released, attached again | The Herald September 19, 2016

Margaret Matibiri Herald Reporter
Former Transport and Infrastructural Development Deputy Minister Petronella Kagonye, who had her Ford Ranger vehicle attached over a debt last Tuesday, regained possession of the vehicle under unclear circumstances on Wednesday, only to be served with a court order to return the vehicle the following day.

Takesure Mbano contested an ex parte petition for order of release that had been granted on Wednesday without his consent.

Upon seeing Kagonye’s vehicle being released, a court official contacted Mbano to inform him on the latest developments.

Mbano then wrote a letter to Chief Magistrate Mr Mishrod Guvamombe, which he copied to Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa as Minister of Justice and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, requesting intervention.

“I suspect she now has acted in cahoots with court officials to obtain an order releasing the attached motor vehicle on exparte basis . . . I kindly request that your honourable office influences to stop this corruption between Kagonye and the concerned magistrate where she bribed him with some money today for the release of the car,” Mbano wrote in part.

Magistrate Mr Brighton Pabwe on Thursday wrote a letter to the Messenger of Court informing him that the order under which the vehicle had been released had been set aside and ordered him to repossess the vehicle.

“The order that was granted on Wednesday in which you released the attached motor vehicle has been set aside. As such, you are to repossess the motor vehicle in terms of the writ of execution in your possession with the assistance of the police if need be,” Mr Pabwe wrote.

The Messenger of Court attached Kagonye’s double cab Ford Ranger along George Silundika in Harare on Tuesday.

The incident took place along George Silundika Avenue near Herald House last Tuesday morning when an elderly man identified as the politician’s father had parked the vehicle to conduct his business.

Officers from the Messenger of Court parked their Mazda T35 truck behind Ms Kagonye’s maroon Ford Ranger double cab, blocking the way.

When the elderly man came out of a city building where he was doing business, he found the Messenger of Court officials in the process of forcibly opening the vehicle’s doors.
An attempt by the old man to negotiate the release of the vehicle failed and he had no option but to sit on the passenger’s seat as one of the officers drove the Ford Ranger off to the courtyard along Fourth Street.