Kasukuwere scoffs at prophet claims

Kasukuwere scoffs at prophet claims

Source: Kasukuwere scoffs at prophet claims – DailyNews Live

CHIEF WRITER     4 April 2017

HARARE – Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday claimed
that he does not wear the famous apostolic white robes and has no
intention of consulting the enigmatic Mudzidzi Wimbo in his political

In a brief interview with the Daily News, Kasukuwere said contrary to
reports in the State media that he is behind the troubles ripping apart
the Madziwa-based church, after their leader failed to anoint him to be
the next Zimbabwe president, the fiery Zanu PF heavyweight said the
government media should name the real people who consult Wimbo for power.

“Handisati ndambopfeka magements kana kumboenda ikoko, hameno vanoenda
ikoko vanozviziva (I have never worn their garments or even visited the
shrine, I am not sure about those who visit the place and they know
themselves,” said Kasukuwere.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa made headlines in 2015 when he visited
the shrine of the enigmatic prophet who is famed for allegedly prophesying
that President Robert Mugabe would be the first black president as early
as 1957. Mnangagwa was in October 2015 caught up in bizarre church rituals
where Wimbo, real name Aaron Mhukata, in the presence of Daily News
reporters flatly refused to anoint him Mugabe’s successor and advised the
vice president that he needed assistance in his quest to become the
country’s next president.

Recently, Mugabe had to appoint a ministerial team led by State Security
minister Kembo Mohadi to try and rescue Wimbo, who was allegedly kidnapped
from his home in mid-2015 but the team drew blanks as those holding the
prophet vowed that he would never be reunited with his family.

The family accuses Ishmael Magodi, Zex Pamacheche, Shepherd Chingwena and
Edison Mukohwa, the so-called four church prefects, of having allegedly
abducted Wimbo on June 29, 2015 for the furtherance of their factional
interests as well as political motives.

According to the family, Mnangagwa, who was pictured wearing the church
robes, visited Wimbo after he had reportedly been told that he was to be
anointed only to be told that he needed assistance.

There is a general belief in the hugely superstitious Zanu PF that Wimbo,
having predicted rightly that Mugabe would become the first black Zimbabwe
leader will also anoint the aging strongman’s successor.

According to the family, the four church prefects fear that if Wimbo is
ever allowed to return to his family, their plan to influence the
country’s politics would crumble.

Zanu PF bigwigs angling to succeed Mugabe believe that Wimbo has a great
bearing on the political landscape in the country.

It is this supposed bearing, that has been taken out of context by the
four with the deliberate intention to over-politicise the church for
furtherance of their political ambitions and cover their corrupt
activities, the family says.