Kereke rape trial: MP pleaded for mercy

via Kereke rape trial: MP pleaded for mercy – NewZimbabwe 04/02/2016

THE Guardian for the girl allegedly raped by Zanu PF legislator, Munyaradzi Kereke, told his trial Thursday that the troubled MP started frequenting his home asking for forgiveness after the case was reported.

The Bikita West MP is accused of raping his niece who was 11 years old in 2010 at gun point and also grabbing “the juvenile’s sister’s breasts and buttocks” at his Vainona home in the capital.

The girls’ guardian – a close relative – told court during cross examination with Kereke’s attorney, Erum Mutandiro, that police officers also came to him pleading that the charges be withdrawn.

He said this was after Kereke’s own bid to influence him flopped.

“He came more than five times, and the other time he was with his wife Patience,” said the guardian.

“He (Kereke) begged to see the girls saying they were traumatised. He asked if we could get indoors and discuss the issue and I told him that was impossible.

“I chased him away and told him I never wanted to see him again. I barred members of my family who were present from talking to him.”

He told the court that he would not directly say Kereke sent the police officers but said, relying on his reasoning, it was very clear that he was involved.

“There was a connection (Kereke was involved) and I can’t dispute that. They asked that (the victims) put signatures on papers they had so that charges against Kereke would be dropped but I refused,” said Maramwidze.

“I also received calls from one Inspector Mabasa from Armed House requesting to see my children and I went there on three occasions only to find him out of office. I have kept his phone numbers as evidence.”

The guardian told court that he reported the case to the police but nothing was done.

“I went to Harare Central, Police General Headquarters; I approached senior officers and was also at Borrowdale Police Station and I have kept the records.

No help from the police

“The police were so retrogressive in their approach to the situation. I was worried and pained as a concerned guardian.”

Led by his attorney, the private prosecutor in this case, Charles Warara, the guardian continued: “Highlands police officers did an excellent work but Borrowdale police pushed me through hell.

“I knew something was happening behind the closed doors.”

Kereke’s lawyer Mutandiro, who could not ask questions without being directed by his client then went on and on asking the same questions like, “Did (the victims) tell you that she bled after being raped?

“Did she tell you that my client ejaculated and she saw his sperms; did she spoil the couch or anything?”

The relative then started laughing at Mutandiro’s questions and told him that her abused granddaughter wouldn’t have directly told him that kind of detail.

“Obviously, what do you think my family is like? We have structures and she told her aunt who passed on the message to me,” explained the guardian.

“I only asked her to be honest and tell the whole truth about what transpired. However, it’s obvious she bled because the doctor confirmed the situation was terrible.

“My girl could have been bleeding all the time yet she couldn’t tell anyone.”

Meanwhile, as has been the case since commencement of the trial, another anxious moment arose when Warara and the relative realised that the docket which used during cross examination had been tampered with.

It was revealed that the scene report, which is the initial report document, had so many alterations with other statements from the witnesses cancelled.

Prosecutor Warara also told court that there were now four different handwritings on the docket showing that it had been altered.

The private prosecutor went on to reveal that he previously formally wrote to the Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana requesting that they be furnished with the original docket but nothing was done.

“We formally wrote to the PG but we were simply ignored. We never got a response and this has always been the case since we started fighting for justice,” said Warara.

The trial is expected to continue Friday and Warara told court that two Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials would testify.

He also said a police officer is also expected to take to the witness stand.