Kereke’s costs hearing matter postponed again

THE costs hearing matter of convicted rapist and former Zanu PF legislator Munyaradzi Kereke yesterday failed again to commence after the Prosecutor-General (PG)’s Office did not give a response for the third time.

Source: Kereke’s costs hearing matter postponed again – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 6, 2016


Regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa, last month ordered PG’s Office to respond to why Kereke’s trial was delayed and to also respond on the question of compensating the privately prosecuted trial.

The court’s order followed private prosecutor Charles Warara’s application for legal costs refund against Kereke.

After the trial had failed to continue, Warara told journalists that Mupeiwa told them he had received a phone call from acting PG Advocate Ray Goba advising he had failed to turn up in court because his typist had made a typographical error on the court date.

“The PG called the magistrate and said the letter was written August 15 instead of 5. As such, they did not know the hearing was set for today (Friday),” he said.

Warara also said Goba did not want to comment if Tomana personally did anything to block Kereke’s trial.

“We also have been told that the new PG doesn’t want to blame Tomana completely, but wants to establish if it was a mistake or if there are other reasons he declined prosecuting Kereke, so he says he is going through the whole case in order to find out what really transpired,” he said.

The case was postponed to August 15.