Land invasions rock Chitungwiza

A FRESH wave of urban land invasions has begun in Chitungwiza, with over 2 600 desperate home seekers reportedly occupying open spaces citing government’s failure to provide them with housing.

Source: Land invasions rock Chitungwiza – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 4, 2016


The worst affected areas are Nyatsime and St Marys, with invaders interviewed saying they had lost faith in the housing waiting list.

They land occupiers said they decided to follow the route taken by Zanu PF youths and land barons, who invade stands and build structures, before exerting political pressure on local authorities and the Ministry of Local Government to regularise their developments.

Last week, Zanu PF Harare provincial chairperson, Robert Kahanana disowned the invaders.

“We further state that all those who continue to involve themselves in such misdeeds will be doing so on their own volition and should not in any way involve or purport to drag the party into such illegal actions and activities,” he said.

“In the given circumstances, the law of Zimbabwe should be left to take its course and be applied accordingly and appropriately without fear or favour in order to redress the situation that has gone out of hand.”

But MDC-T provincial chairman, Voice Chinake, was non-commital, saying he needed more time to investigate if their members were involved in the alleged invasions.

Meanwhile, police held a meeting with the land invaders on Saturday, but they refused to budge demanding to be addressed by council officials instead.