LATEST: 246 die in floods as Government appeals for help

LATEST: 246 die in floods as Government appeals for help

Source: LATEST: 246 die in floods as Government appeals for help | The Herald March 3, 2017

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Government today launched an international humanitarian appeal following floods that have affected all the country’s provinces which have so far killed 246 people, injured 128, marooned 1576 and left 1 985 homeless.

The floods have also resulted in 74 schools being damaged, 70 dams have been breached with five health institutions having also been damaged.

The appeal for assistance comes after President Mugabe declared the floods a state of disaster as they have ravaged most parts of the country.

Speaking on behalf of other line ministries, Local Government Public Works and National Housing Minister, Cde Kasukuwere said the affected populations were in dire need of assistance to rebuild their homes, rehabilitate social institutions as well as recover lost property and livelihoods.

As such he said gaps still exist therefore interventions from different stakeholders were much needed to assist the affected families.

“It is apparent that extraordinary response measures to alleviate suffering of citizens of this country in communal, resettlement and urban areas have to be intensified. The thrust of Government is to go beyond emergency response to ‘building back better in the post disaster recovery period,” he said.

“I am therefore appealing to the development partners, private sector and general public inclusive of those in the Diaspora to rally with the Government to support the emergency relief programmes in line with policy which requires that every citizen has a responsibility to avert and or limit the effects of a disaster.”

“There is an inadequate supply of tents, food stuffs, drugs for the displaced people. There is need for blankets and clothing for the affected families as they are at risk of contracting pneumonia and acute respiratory infections. Girls and women need sanitary wear and school children need stationery and classrooms.”

The flood disaster, Minister Kasukuwere said, is to be managed by the Cabinet Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Committee under his chairmanship as well as Provincial and District Administrators.


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    Joe Cool 1 year

    This is a self-induced disaster following many years of neglecting to maintain the country’s infrastructure. Water supply will soon be a national disaster, followed by sewage disposal. Irrespective of the level of supply of electricity, the national distribution grid is in a state of total decay and unable to cope with moderate storms.

    The recent cyclone didn’t stop at Zimbabwe’s border, but we don’t hear of Botswana and South Africa’s roads having become a national disaster. Roads and bridges are constructed to withstand weather more severe than we have just experienced, but Zimbabwe’s government hasn’t yet learned that all things, including Zanu PF, have a limited lifespan and that, as the population increases, so too, does the infrastructure.

    Any foreign country giving assistance will be directly helping – not the people of Zimbabwe – but the Zanu PF government – who will, due to State media capture, successfully claim credit for the assistance given and so enhance their political profile a year before elections.

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    Morty Smith 1 year

    The arrogant piggish ZANU government asking for help from those very people it usually likes to be rude to. I hope they are told to FOAD.

    I feel sorry for the victims, but I do have to wonder how many of them voted for ZANU and for how long. Think of this lack of preparedness as another election promise fulfilled