Kariba South Power Station to empower Zimbabweans, President

via LATEST: Kariba South Power Station to empower Zimbabweans, President | The Herald 4 September 2014 by Takunda Maodza

President Mugabe has officially commissioned the construction of Kariba South Power Station project expected to generate an additional 300MW.

The project is being constructed by Chinese company Sinohydro at a cost of $533m. It is expected to ease power shortages in the country upon completion in 2017.

“The project entails the construction of an additional two 150MW power generating units, to the current six 125MW generating units. This increases the total capacity at Marina Hydro Power Station from 750MW to 1050MW. This additional capacity will serve the peak demand, significantly reducing the load shedding that we are currently experiencing,” said President Mugabe.

He said the project will not merely  help bring power into homes and workplaces, but will empower the people of Zimbabwe.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Proud to be stupid

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    achimwene 8 years ago

    It can benefit the ordinary zibabwean the worker if they raise the rates to southern africa standards. Of $10 per/hr for artisans and $3 for assistants then we all be proud be a zimbabwean and first preferences to zimbabweans

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    Mambo 8 years ago

    not sure what President means by saying this project empowers zimbabweans ? how ?

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Inefficient bungling state power monopoly – in what way on gods green earth is this empowering?

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    Another fairy tale from the herald. All the power stations, as with all the infrastfucture was built over 34 years ago

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    anti zanu 8 years ago

    mugabe uve nothing to offer us innocent citizens. ..screw u

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    A rather brain dead comment by a brain dead president of all seasons.

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    Zvishiri 8 years ago

    Some people are very good at talking