LATEST: Magaya demands trial date

Source: LATEST: Magaya demands trial date | The Herald  September 28, 2016

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter

Lawyers representing Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader Walter Magaya, Messrs Everson Chatambudza and Admire Rubaya, today expressed displeasure at the manner in which the State seemed drag its heels regarding the church leader’s rape case.

This came after the prosecution sought a further postponement of the matter to October 21 without giving a trial date. The prosecution said the docket had been sent back to the police for further investigations.

“His rights are not being considered. It is like they are punishing him,” Mr Rubaya said.

After hearing submissions from both counsels, magistrate Ms Bianca Makwande ordered the State to put its house in order and provide Magaya with a trial date on the next remand appearance.