Latest update on traveller’s rebate

Source: Latest update on traveller’s rebate | The Herald December 1, 2016

The traveller’s rebate is a duty-free allowance which is granted to genuine travellers, subject to prescribed conditions. It is divided into two categories namely total rebate and partial rebate.Total rebate is an allowance granted on all used personal effects. Personal effects refer to articles pertaining to or carried upon the body such as used clothes and toilet requisites.

Partial rebate is an allowance granted on goods imported by a traveller once in a calendar month and on their first entry into Zimbabwe.

This duty-free allowance is $200 per person and is granted on goods imported by travellers for their personal use.

The list of goods that are excluded is as follows:

Goods which are incorrectly declared;

Goods which are imported for commercial purposes;

Alcoholic beverages in excess of five litres per traveller of which two litres may be spirits:

Goods which are imported by any member of the crew of an aircraft, ship or vehicle arriving from outside Zimbabwe;

Stoves, refrigerators;

Cooking oil, laundry bar soap;

Blankets, beds, mattresses;

Flour, maize meal, sugar;

Meat, fish, eggs;

Powdered milk, yoghurt, cheese;

Corn puffs, jam, and honey

This means that importation of such goods will attract duty at the prescribed rates even though the value might be under the duty-free allowance of U$200.

You may recall that goods carried upon transport service vehicles drawing a trailer as defined in Statutory Instrument Number 148 of 2015 were also excluded from the travellers’ rebate.

However, kindly take note that with effect from 21 October 2016, the rebate has been restored to goods imported by genuine travellers for their personal and household use and are being transported in trailer drawing omnibuses and other passenger carrying vehicle drawing trailers.

This means that any person who travels by bus, for example, and the bus is drawing a trailer, provided all the other conditions for granting the rebate are fulfilled, shall be entitled to this $200 travellers’ allowance.

Please note that the importation of certain commodities such as cooking oil, milk, blankets and washing preparations in whatever quantities requires an import licence from Ministry of Industry and Commerce and this licence should be produced at the time of importation. Failure to produce the import licence would result in the goods being detained until such time that the import licence is availed.

You are hereby encouraged to correctly declare all the goods in your possession and to take note of the current changes to avoid any inconveniences.



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    reader 5 years ago

    There are over 1,000 types of cheese, Zimbabwe makes possibly 5 so we don’t get our special cheeses for special occasions because of a blanket ban on all cheese.

    Actually our $200.00 means absolutely nothing as we cannot bring any thing we like and don’t have in this country.

    shame on you, 2 lt of oil or a kg of cheese is not going to make Zimbabwe industry any more productive.

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    Simba 5 years ago

    Economic imbeciles. That’s all.

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    James A Vanderschuur 5 years ago

    I am an American living in Zimbabwe legally since 2008, I left the US in1997 (about 20 years ago). I have always banked in the US for very good reasons. I aways had funds redily available with an ATM card.On May,30 Zim says NO MORE. It don’t make sence, the bank and government make money off my ATM transaction. We have 2 kids in high school, 2 more in college and support various members of my wife’s family. plus my missionary work here. Where do I get the money from? No one in the US can transfer funds to me from my accounts. Do I have to travel back to the US, at a cost of $2,500 and bring cash back? for $2,500 I could drill another needed borehole for another very thirsty village.

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    Wth thi greedy gvt we wil die co they are corrupt and oppressing poor individuals