Legislator slams party chefs over vote buying

via Legislator slams party chefs over vote buying | The Herald 3 September 2014 by Freeman Razemba

Zanu-PF youths in the Midlands province are in full support of the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe to assume the position of secretary in the Women’s League ahead of the party’s elective congress pencilled for December.
This was said by Zanu-PF legislator for Gokwe-Nembudziya Cde Justice Mayor Wadyajena on Monday during celebrations for his victory in the 2013 harmonised elections. He castigated some senior party members interfering in the operations of the Women’s League.

“When we  say Amai in Zanu-PF we mean Amai Mugabe only. The others are not called Amai because they have their own titles. The Vice President is Vice President (Joice) Mujuru, Minister Buka is Minister Flora Buka and we do not call them Amai,” he said.

“Amai is now the Women’s League boss in Zanu-PF and that is what our mothers in the League chose. As youths we later went to put our support on her but we never interfered with the Women’s League issues,” he said.

Cde Wadyajena condemned some party officials whom he said engaged in vote buying.
“The President recently expressed concern over Gokwe North especially on issues of vote buying and kidnapping that were reported. Are the chairpersons here? Do you want to revolt against the President? Are you sure you want to revolt against President Mugabe?

‘‘Councillor Madende are you here? Why do you interfere with women’s issues? We should not do that. This must stop and let us work together,” Cde Wadyajena said.
He said some people were paid as little as US$20.

President Mugabe is on record condemning vote buying.


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    tapiwa 9 years ago

    I think some people have to have their facts right Grace Mugabe haazi ‘Amai’ we vanhu ava ndiAmai VaBona and her siblings. Calling her Amai for whatever reason means nothing kana kuri kukudza so do they call her husband due to age ‘sekuru’ as they cannot call him Baba because he is not their father. People should not waste time on stupid titles and more getting the economy to work. Joice is vice president and should be called so, Mugabe President (and his other meaningless titles) and should be called so