Lesotho: Zuma will not brief Mugabe

via Lesotho: Zuma will not brief Mugabe 11 September 2014

SOUTH African President and Sadc’s Troika chairperson Jacob Zuma will not brief the regional grouping’s chairperson President Robert Mugabe on his recent visit to the troubled Kingdom of Lesotho.

Zuma’s spokesperson Clayson Monyela told New Zimbabwe.com late Tuesday in a telephone interview that his boss had no obligation to brief his Zimbabwean counterpart.

“All I know is that the Organ (Troika) has a specific mandate and does its work in between summits. The chair of the organ (Zuma) will brief summit at its next sitting,” said Monyela.

“I have no knowledge of any move to brief President Mugabe or anyone else for that matter. I have not been briefed on that.”

Zuma visited troubled Lesotho for about four hours Tuesday and met under-siege Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

The premier, late last month, fled to South Africa fearing for his life after the military left its garrisons and took over most of the country’s key institutions including the police headquarters as well as state radio.

The skirmishes that followed reportedly led to the death of one police officer.

Reports coming out of Lesotho since then have indicated a tense atmosphere following the refusal by deposed army general Tlali Kamoli, to relinquish his post as head of the army.

It is now believed that Kimoli has support of the country’s elite crack unit and has seized an unknown quantity of weaponry including anti-aircraft motors and radar equipment now hidden it in one of the country’s mountains in preparation for seizure of power.

In turn Tabane, following his edgy return, has refused to re-open parliament and Zuma was supposed to plead with him to do so. Monyela was not available to comment on whether Zuma had been successful.

“The situation in the country is not stable. How do we reopen parliament under these conditions?” Tabane reportedly argued.

Lesotho’s army commander Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao reportedly said on Sunday that military action was now the only option against Kamoli.

Mugabe assumed power as Sadc chair last month and has shown interest in the Lesotho debacle by dispatching army general Constantine Chiwenga and defence minister Sidney Sekeramayi to try and resolve the impasse.


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    There you have it. He is basically being told to mind his own business. After all he is just a token Chairperson that cannot even solve the problems of his own country after a 34 year watch.This time he cannot do a DRC because of the location of Lesotho. That’s what you get for installing an impotent Dictator to what is supposed to be a very important position. SADEC is just like a gruop of friends meeting in a shabeen.

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    I am not the one 8 years ago

    spot on “The GBU”. Zuma in his ever most charming way has told Bob to *uck off as he is useless!

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    Teboho SEHLABO 8 years ago

    Actually the news about Lesotho is inaccurate. What has transpired is that, prime minister Thabane is the one confusing the entire world by his poor administration.

    Thabane is the prime minister through coalition agreement between the three parties: All Basotho Convention, Lesotho Congress for Democracy and the Basotho National Party which so far he had dishounored.

    Recently he unilaterally prorogued the parliament for nine months without any concrete reason whatsoever. He had fired the Attoney General and Director Public Prosecution over and above the court order that instructed him not to so.

    The worst scenario was when he fired the commander of Lesotho Defense Force without consulting with his partners in the coalition. Even if the constitution it does so permit, he was suppose to follow the procedures.

    Lastly, he promoted the one brigadier who is still in court marshall to clear his name for the crimes he committed to the same position of the commander he unilaterally fired.

    This man (Thabane) has compromised the stability in of the country by not adehering to the principles of democracy. He is a dictator by character, manipulative and liar. He also defied all commitments he did with SADC.

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    ntaba 8 years ago

    Why would you want a senile old fart like Mugabe involved anyway?

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    Rukweza 8 years ago

    Thats what we call puppet chairman

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    chemsoro 8 years ago

    You installed him there and now deal with it …….otherwise the organ becomes a useless gathering . You surely cannot just ignore your CEO