Let Zacc do its work

Corruption allegations against Zanu PF secretary for science and technology and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and his deputy Godfrey Gandawa should push President Robert Mugabe to start dealing with rot in public entities and related institutions in order to win back public confidence.

Source: Let Zacc do its work – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 10, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

The allegations against the two ministers are so serious that it seems logical that any effort to tackle corruption in the country must start from the top because of graft’s all-pervading knock-on effects on other sectors of the national economy.

It is unfortunate that in an effort to parry the graft allegations, Moyo, Gandawa and others in their camp are dropping names with a view to build a political case against whosoever is targeted by their shenanigans. It is our hope that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) will not be deterred and that it will be allowed to carry out its duties as mandated by the law. Involvement of a political hand in a case of fraud is neither here nor there — the two men must just answer the allegations without trying to divert public opinion.

In fact, is it true that they illegally dipped their hands into government coffers? Did their actions constitute a case at law? Did they invoke the name of Mugabe or anybody else during their monkey shines? If they “Nicodemously” took national resources to prop up their images, why should they be allowed to go scot-free?

Allowing any politician to defend themselves before a Zanu PF politburo without being cleared by the courts is tantamount to allowing the Devil to preach from the pulpit? All allegations of corruption must be investigated no matter who is involved, including Zacc. It is important that when evidence of corruption is found, those responsible must be prosecuted and, if guilty, appropriately punished — regardless of position or wealth.

We have no doubt that Zimbabweans will continue to assist with investigations involving rampant abuse of national resources. Judging from the outrage over Moyo’s corruption storm last week, the citizenry is committed to taking tough and swift action against those involved in activities that weaken the rule of law. We are worried that those at the top do not seem to view the corruption allegations seriously as demanded by Zimbabweans. If Zacc or other Cabinet ministers are also involved, then the law must still take its course.

For the record, corruption poses a serious development challenge, and in the political realm, it undermines democracy and good governance by subverting formal processes.

No doubt that graft in elections and in legislative bodies reduces accountability and fair representation in policymaking. In the Judiciary corruption undermines or suspends the rule of law and in public administration it results in the unequal provision of services.

Are those in the top echelons of the State aware that corruption erodes the institutional capacity of the same government that they represent? We urge Mugabe to deal decisively with corruption as it undermines the legitimacy of his regime and democratic values.

There is no doubt that corruption is threatening economic growth, national security and service delivery by government. Besides, it also deters investment and costs jobs.

Therefore, we will not support any effort to undermine the rule of law simply because one is a State minister or top Zanu PF official. Zimbabweans are against vice because it undermines the country’s future.

Politicians must be warned that at the right time Zimbabweans will take further steps to support Zacc, including, when permitted by law, the return of stolen assets to the people. It is time we stop the rot!


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    Surely what do Mugabe & his hordes of thieves and lunatics in the so-called zanu pf politburo take Zimbabweans for? Can anyone ever imagine, this kind of buffoonery: a zanu pf politburo member is facing accusations of stealing public funds by a lawful state agent, refuses to go and answer to the accusations, then rushes to the zanu pf politburo to seek protection. Then, the politburo gleefully entertains such kind of rubbish, to the extent of turning the tables and proposing creation some illegal entity staffed by zanu pf G40 members to investigate the lawful state organ that is simply doing its job.

    All what Mugabe & his cronies are openly telling all of us Zimboz is: they are above the law; and state institutions should ever raise a finger against one of their own. So, the police, Zacc, judiciary, etc, only exist in Zimbabwe to deal with us who are considered lesser beings. The Mugabes, Jonathan Moyos, Chombos, Kasukuweres, Charambs, etc of zanu pf can get away with anything – yes, anything including rape & murder. Nxaaaaaaa!!!!!