‘Let’s all reform UN Security Council’

‘Let’s all reform UN Security Council’ | The Herald March 29, 2016

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Global efforts need to be redoubled if countries are to overcome Western countries’ resistance to reform and democratise the United Nations Security Council, President Mugabe has said. The President made the remarks while addressing journalists after meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe here yesterday. The Japanese Premier also said there was need to modify and level the playing field at the world body’s Security Council, which is dominated by the five countries with permanent seats. These are China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The five also have veto powers.

Said President Mugabe: “Zimbabwe and Japan concur on the need to reform the Security Council. It is my sincere hope that global efforts will be redoubled to achieve a more inclusive and full democratic United Nations Security Council. Currently, the pace is rather slow and we hope that members of the UN will work together to speed up this necessary adjustment.”

President Mugabe has made repeated calls for the modification of the Security Council saying other countries had been made “dwarfs” while the five countries, popularly known as the “Big Five” dominate the most powerful UN arm. In January, he threatened to pull out of the organisation if the West, principally Britain and the United States, continued to block efforts to democratise the organ.

On the other hand, Japan is part of the Group Four (G4) countries together with Germany, India and Brazil, nations which have mutually supported each other’s bids for permanent seats in the Security Council for them to possess veto powers which enable them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of the level of international support for the draft.

G4 countries have proposed reforms in the UN Security Council to include an additional six permanent seats, four going to them and two to African countries. President Mugabe said there was also need to ensure resolutions of the UN General Assembly — the policy making and representative organ — were respected.

“During our deliberations (with PM Abe) we highlighted the importance of the UN General Assembly which at present is the only true representative body in our organisation,” he said. “While we work towards the reform of the Security Council, we will do well to ensure that the voice of the General Assembly is respected and its resolutions are complied with by all.”

PM Abe, who has for long sought African support to land a seat in the Security Council, said adjustments were needed in the organ that is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security. “We acknowledged and reaffirm the challenge that we are facing in international fora in particular the need to reform the UN Security Council,” he said.

“President Mugabe is the great leader and doyen of Africa and I would like to promote the Security Council reforms collaborating close with him.” The Security Council is responsible for approving new members to the United Nations and approving any changes to its Charter.

It is also responsible for establishing peacekeeping operations, international sanctions and authorising military action through its resolutions.


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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    Wishful thinking!! in reforming The UN.

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 7 years ago

    Why is Mugabe so obsessed with the UN reform?
    He has so much on his hands, he shouldn’t have time to think about the UN.
    Hey Robert, think about reviving industries in Bulawayo, hunger across the country, joblessness etc and forget about the UN.
    Even if there were 15 countries with permanent seats, how would that create jobs in Harare or Mutare?

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    lets reform zimbabwe
    where there is no democracy
    there is an achievement that is possible for mugabe
    but he doesn’t want it

    he would rather make empty noises about the united nations
    where he has neither power nor influence
    being broke and destitute and corrupt
    intent always on posturing and puffing himself up
    a man with neither self respect or nor dignity

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    william mills 7 years ago

    The absurdity of Mugabe using the united nations (UN) as a straw man to divert conversations about his own abject failures at home approaches the dizziest heights of silliness. Here is a dude from the dusty nether regions of Africa who cannot successfully run a stolen dairy farm, and whose government he heads cannot pay the rent on his embassies; whose airplane cannot fly to London for it may be seized for non-payment of debts, who believes that he is qualified to redesign the UN. Does he think the UN runs on the hot air of his voice masturbating speeches? No, the UN runs on money! And we know his government is short that commodity because it has been stolen by him and his cohorts. Does he propose to pay the UN dues from his personal accounts in Singapore and Dubai? This old hallucinating communist who had an IQ of 85 in his prime longs for times long gone when in zim there was Capital belonging to others ripe for the looting. Now he is in Japan who wishes to recruit him to their stable of micro states whose votes Japan may find useful on occasion. And for this he will receive baubles, beads and peanuts. Smart man!