Let’s go bare hands, Saviour to ‘Croc’

via Let’s go bare hands, Saviour to ‘Croc’ – NewZimbabwe 12/02/2016

LOCAL government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has claimed that political activists charged with trying to bomb President Robert Mugabe’s dairy company were ordered to the task by the veteran leader’s deputy.

Four activists, two of them said to be army officers, have since appeared in court over the claimed attack against the Mugabes’ Alpha & Omega dairy operation in Mazowe; one of the accused was sentenced to 9 years in jail.

Addressing a charged rally for Mugabe’s wife, Grace, at Chiweshe on Friday, Kasukuwere appeared to blame loyalists of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa for the attack.

“Amai (First Lady) don’t be intimidated,” he said.

“This business of coming to Mazowe carrying bombs, forget it. Mashonaland Central will not accept it. Who do you want to bomb? Who chose that target? Why do you go for the President?

“We’re going to die for President Mugabe. If it means we die for him, we must die for him. You make grenades with petrol and paraffin. Who do you want to threaten?”

The Zanu PF national commissar also said organisers of the attack were working to get the suspects freed.

“As I speak right now, they’re busy trying to raise money for bail for those criminals. Why are you doing that?

“You’re busy defending criminals who wanted to kill the President. We know who did it and we’re not scared of you.

“If you defend President Mugabe, why are you defending criminals?

“Amai, we need serious introspection. It’s time to tell each other some home truths. If you love the President, defend him!”

Kasukuwere is one of the drivers of a Zanu PF faction determined to stop Mnangagwa succeeding the 92-year-old Mugabe.

At the Chiweshe rally, Mnangagwa was effectively accused of plotting a coup against Mugabe.

Kasukuwere however, declared that his faction was prepared to die defending the veteran leader.

“Don’t threaten us,” he said.

“There’s no-one who has title deeds for this country. We’re tired of you; we’re now removing the gloves. Let’s go for bare hands.

“Either you’re behind Mugabe, or get out of the party. If you’re not happy with your present position, just leave.”

He added: “There’s someone who wants to take over that chair.

“Amai, go and tell the President that war veterans fought for the liberation struggle, but the younger generation is also prepared to die for President Mugabe’s cause.

“We don’t support President Mugabe, but we believe in President Mugabe. If he forms a church today, we’ll follow him.

“We don’t want people who fool the President pretending to love him more. Amai, Mashonaland Central is here for you.”