‘Let’s put a stop to systematic corruption’

Source: ‘Let’s put a stop to systematic corruption’ | The Herald August 1, 2016

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
There is need for strong legal framework to enhance State entities’ capacities to deal with financial crimes and corruption, vices that have plagued the economy, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said. He said public auditors and professional accountants had a duty to root out the scourge of corruption and financial mismanagement as it worked against the moral fabric of society and the fundamental ethos of good governance.

VP Mnangagwa said this on Thursday evening during a speech read on his behalf by Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Miriam Chikukwa during a ceremony to award local authorities, tertiary institutions and State entities that excelled in various disciplines of financial management and accountability.

“The country has to tackle systematic corruption through illicit financial flows by promoting the concept of good corporate governance. Sophisticated crimes such as organised financial crimes and corruption require sufficient capacities and a strong legislative framework in order to effectively deal with it,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said the public sector had played a critical role in the post-independence era in the socio-economic development of the country.

“I want to reiterate that, despite the prevailing economic situation, Zimbabwe presents better opportunities for all citizens today than it did before the attainment of independence in 1980.

“This is a direct result of Government initiatives and our public sector policies that are people-oriented,” said VP Mnangagwa. “It is therefore imperative that we cherish our achievements and increase our desire for improvements in all spheres of our operations at all times.”

In the quest to promote sound corporate governance and accountability, said VP Mnangagwa, Government set up two units that would deal with gross financial mismanagement and corruption in loss making entities.

“One of the units focuses on analysing financial statements of all public sector institutions, while the other follows up all audit findings and recommendations done by the Auditor-General,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“They ensure that whatever deficiencies are revealed therein, are duly addressed by the line ministry and that where such concerns are raised in respect of State enterprises, they have the role of ensuring that the line ministry, in collaboration with the board and management of the entity, effectively address those concerns.”

Victoria Falls Municipality and Mvurwi Town Council scooped prizes in several categories of financial management while Joshua Nqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic College, Harare Polytechnic College and Hillside Teachers’ College won in the category of tertiary institutions.


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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    We stop systematic CORRUPTION and go for massive random looting because systematic has benefited a few!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 6 years ago

    Well, “we” being Zanooo and Zanoids CANNOT stop corruption because without corruption they are Mugabe would cease to exist.

    So we get this empty rhetoric, words full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING

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    Zim Bo 6 years ago

    The net is drawing closer.These excuses for ministers think are above the law.All corrupt ministers are liabilities and dead wood.They must face the axe , be relinquished of their duties and come to book for their atrocities.Self gratification and sitting own the job can not be tolerated

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    Fallenz 6 years ago

    This is a situation like the fellow who closed the gate to the pen after the cattle had escaped. The damage is already done, the wealth is long gone, stolen by those who think themselves elite and deserving. So, in an attempt to satisfy those who are crying “foul”, they call for a ceasing of corruption. If they were people with integrity, they would begin by insisting on accurate audits from years past, an accounting and recovery. Not gonna happen.

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    “Let’s have the backbone to take tough votes, to say yes or no to these kinds of rules. Let’s not outsource it to an agency that has no relationship to the American people, and no accountability to the American people. This is saying ‘no, let’s take a stop and let’s re-empower the Congress to have a say,’ which again empowers the American people.”