. . . lies about family wealth

. . . lies about family wealth

Source: . . . lies about family wealth | The Herald March 14, 2017

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Embattled National People’s Party (NPP) leader Dr Joice Mujuru lied to the world in a recent interview on the British Broadcasting Corporation programme, HardTalk, when she claimed that her only assets are a farm and a house in Chisipite, Harare.

This was after she was pressed to divulge her wealth.

In her clumsy response, Dr Mujuru only listed an “inherited” farm and the Chisipite house.

“I only have a house. I only own a farm which I am still now negotiating with the owner and to tell you the truth, I am very free to take everything down and Zimbabweans will know who I am because I am not a rich person,” said Dr Mujuru.

After being presented with evidence on her diamond and gold shenanigans together with her late husband General Solomon Mujuru, Dr Mujuru said: “You think if I have all that richness, I would be suffering this much?

“If you go through the Cabinet, if you had a chance, it (diamond issue) came to the Cabinet because next to Chiadzwa I was running (a) community programme, which was producing horticultural produce, which was sold here in London. It’s a joke. I am telling you the joke about the anthill.

“After they heard that I have that, they went to investigate as a Cabinet team, which was set by the whole Cabinet and they discovered that it was a joke because these people never see me there. I have never been a miner, I have never owned anything in terms of business so they said no, no these were jokes going on through the two communities because they stay side-by-side.

“I have never been involved in anything to do with diamonds. These are rumours. These are social media talk.”

Contrary to Dr Mujuru’s claims, documented evidence showed that the Mujurus, including her late husband, own a vast business empire running into billions of dollars.

Documents obtained by the Herald as far back as 2015 showed that the former Vice President had interests in duty-free shops at the Harare International Airport trading as International Travel Shops Africa (Pvt) Ltd with Tirivanhu Mudariki as director, along with VP Mujuru’s daughter Nyasha De Campo (nee Mujuru), two Kenyans – Mukesh Vaya and Nilesh Ashkal Kantil, as well as Babu RM a citizen of India.

Though Dr Mujuru was not listed among the directors, her name features prominently in the documents.

Documents submitted to the executor of Rtd Gen Mujuru’s estate, Mr Stern Mufara, by the hero’s lawyer, Mr Thakor Kewada in 2015 showed that the Mujurus ranked among the wealthiest people in Zimbabwe.

Mr Kewada cited some of the following properties as belonging to Rtd Gen Mujuru: Stand 95 Hogerty Hill Township 3 of Hogerty Hill A, measuring 1,4 hectares; Stand 96 Hogerty Hill Township 3 of Hogerty Hill A, measuring 555 square metres; and, Stand 810 Marandellas Township.

He also had three other properties cited as Remainder of Sebastopol (in Goromonzi, measuring 329ha); Inverangus of Sebastopol (also in Goromonzi 304ha) and Stand 9 Tara Township of Tara of Sebastopol (6,4ha in Goromonzi).

Gen Mujuru also owned Lot 1 of Lot 283 of Greendale, which property was subdivided to create Stand 1113 Greendale Township, House Number 18 Coghlan Road Greendale and Number 4 Springfield Close, Chisipite in Harare.

With regards to River Ranch Limited, Gen Mujuru’s Kupukile Resources had 5 000 shares as at August 17, 2007.

In Zimbabwe Motor Assemblers and Distributors (Pvt) Ltd he had 4 430 shares, while in Zimbabwe Sun Limited, Gen Mujuru had a million shares under his company Tapfumaneyi Holdings (Pvt) Ltd c/o Interfin Merchant Bank.

He had shareholding in Ruwa Golf Properties (200), Ruwa Golf Resort (10).

At times Gen Mujuru would buy a property, but fail to transfer ownership to his name by not paying his lawyers such things as conveyancing fees.

Such properties included Stand 75 Shamva Township and Stand 5735 Warren Park.

Gen Mujuru also owned Remainder of Shamva Mine A, Shamva Mine B, Hexagon and Hexagon Extension.

In Bindura, Gen Mujuru owned Stands 22, 23 and 24 of Bindura Township.

Furthermore, Gen Mujuru owned Stand 214, Stand 241, Stand 18 Bindura, Stand 449 all of Bindura Township, and Lot 1 Ballantry.

In Chiwaridzo Drive in Bindura, Gen Mujuru owned stands 1399, 1400, 1401, 1402 and 1403.

In Shamva, he had two underdeveloped stands.

Gen Mujuru also had Hexagon Farm.

Mr Kewada further submitted that: “We have no knowledge nor any details of the Gold Mines the General owned but we are aware one of his daughters (Nyasha) and her husband operates one of the General’s gold Mines. The General may have owned other assets of which we have no knowledge of.”


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    She also owns the company that makes vehicle number plates. $160 a set, 45000 new registrations a month = $7, million a month.