via LIVE BLOG: FIRST LADY RALLY-MASVINGO | The Herald December 4, 2015

Updates by Simiso Mlevu and Costa Mano

1444: Cde Hungwe has finished his address and we end our updates.

1434: Cde Josiah Hungwe is now giving the closing remarks. He thanks Amai Mugabe for coming to Masvingo province.

1417: Amai Mugabe has donated 200 tonnes of maize, 70 tonnes of rice, 3400 litres, 2000 kgs, 517kgs, 320 kgs washing soap, 268 pairs of shoes, 180 tonnes of fertiliser. She has finished her address.

1404:  “Mdara Mugabe isimbi, isimbi yebasa!…We are happy that we have a father who cares for us. Have you seen a man with 91 years walking with a straight posture like President Mugabe? He may decide to rest we don’t know but for now he’s here…this man work’s for us.

“You should learn from that man..we may struggle but we should be happy with the peace we enjoy unlike in Libya that is now war torn. Iraq was destroyed…please youth we don’t want violence even if you see MDC supporters don’t fight them.”

1401: She blasts politicians who are bribing and threatening journalists to write certain stories.

“Sometimes we blame these kids for their stories but most of the times it’s not their fault. The time will come when they will tell us who has been telling them to write what they have been writing. Some us speak the truth when the time comes…I’ve learnt from the man I live with that when you are honest nothing weighs on your shoulders.

“I’m a humble person and I call VP Mphoko baba but he knows I’m the wife of his senior.”

1347: “Value addition and beneficiation is the third one and here you grow sugarcane and it must be processed locally instead of sending raw cane to South Africa. We want to breed free range chicken as projects for women so that people eat nutritious food. Our diamonds are just being taken but we need to beneficiate them locally so we earn more.”

1341: “The second cluster is on Utilities and Infrastructure that will look at roads, energy, water provision and other issues. The Chinese are going to build us a new Parliament Building which will cater for the large number of MPs we have. These are things that are happening because of ZimAsset. They are also going to build a pharmaceutical warehouse. Our roads and railways are going to fixed and our airports are being upgraded to international standards.

“It’s might be painful today but things will get better.”

1326: She explains the ZimAsset programme with the first cluster being Food Security and Nutrition.

“Government saw it fit that we should work with countries like China and Russia that can help us with farming implements so that people can work for themselves…..don’t cut down trees because the problem of climate change that’s affecting us will not go away but will get worse.  These tractors are actually a loan so we need to pay back and that’s why we are giving them to irrigation cooperatives who can work together to repay the debt. Those with larger farms will receive later.

“I would like to encourage the farming of small grains and we are looking at that as the Women’s League…Maize was never meant for human consumption but the our small grains are what we are supposed to eat.”

1315: “When NGOs come tell them to remove sanctions and not just bring food aid..tell them that you want to work for yourselves. A learned person is not a problem to work with and this happens because President Mugabe ensured that education was widely available….the West assumed that if industries close people would turn against President Mugabe.

“Most of you saw the war and noone fought that vain people should acknowledge the role p[played by the masses who cooked for liberation fighters and even hid them in their homes. What’s good now is that we have our country and yes the sanctions are hurting us and some people are unemployed but Zimbabweans are not lazy people who just sit and cry.”

1304: “You must be wary of the West who still hold grudges because they lost their foothold on Zimbabwe..let’s respect what was done for us. People who went to war never went for their families but for the whole nation…it should not surprise you when President Mugabe has been endorsed to continue leading the country because there is noone else capable.

“There are some greedy people who when given positions all they care for is themselves. When Matuke was chosen to be MP there were many people vying for that position but people saw it fit that he lead the constituency…people should be happy with what they are given, people should not boast but wait for the party to elevate them. There are people who think they are clever yet stupid….President Mugabe is attacked but he knows not everyone can love you.”

1258: “Masvingo is important, this country is called Madzimbawhe and that great honour should always be remembered and cherished. This province gave us Cde Muzenda…a man with love, a man who knew why he went to war, he never boasted about it. Where do we get lost when we have such leadership…I’m emphasising on the work done by Baba Muzenda and such people don’t beat their chest.

“In the party we have people who have fought the liberation war from Masvingo province, blood was spilled and we should always remember…it starts from our homes to teach our young people.”

1247: Amai Mugabe is now addressing the rally.

1238: VP Mphoko is now addressing the gathering. He says he wants to mention three things, first, being clever is not being wise and this means that some people claim Amai Mugabe leads a faction yet there is no difference between her and President Mugabe.

“President Mugabe appointed me and vowed that I would die with him and how can I say today that his wife leads a faction. People over value themselves and think they are now important.  Some of us have come far with country…there is no game you will play without us seeing. We see what’s happening, please let’s follow the path of President Mugabe.

“We don’t want anyone to place weevils amongst us….G40 is a myth, there is nothing like that. The second thing is about people who rape children from ages 1 day to 15years, such people should castrated, 16 to 65…life in imprisonment..66 to 100…castrate them. Let’s talk about this issue in the party until this problem ends.

“The third thing is lack of discipline but we see now like what Mai Nhari leaders are being disrespected…Togarepi people died for this country..Togarepi the people you command are the ones disrespecting the party leaders, know today that we can be quite but we know what’s going on. You as the leader make sure things are in order. Besides that I have a war history, come and get advice from us..from today as we go to the conference we don’t want anyone being disrespected again.

“Now I want to call the First Lady to address the rally, please come forward Amai”

1220: Cde Mohafa says 25000 people will be supported through irrigation after the completion of Tokwe-Mukosi. She says Masvingo won’t survive without President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe. Cde Mahofa ends her address.

1214: Cde Shuvai Mahofa is now addressing the gathering. She says before Cde Muzenda’s death she went to visit him in hospital along with Cde Hungwe and were told to remain united.

“We promise you in the presence of the VP is that what President Mugabe wants is what will be done in Masvingo province….understand today Cde Kasukuwere as the commissar that whatever you bring to the province as long as it has the President’s blessing you will have Masvingo province’s support.

“Before my appointment (as Minister of Provincial Affairs) land was being distributed corruptly but we have sorted it now. Districts are also working together.”

1147: Cde Kasukuwere is now introducing the ministers.

1110: The meeting is over and Amai Mugabe is now on stage alongside VP Mphoko and Zanu-PF  national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere. The national anthem is now being played.

1053: Ministers present here are Cdes Sithembiso Nyoni, Nyasha Chikwinya, Josiah Hungwe, Shuvai Mahofa, Annastacia Ndlovu and Thokozile Mathuthu.

1027: ZCC Brass band is entertaining supporters who are patiently waiting while party leadership is still locked in a meeting

1004: Amai Mugabe has arrived at the venue and has immediately gone to a briefing with Zanu-PF Masvingo Provincial Executive.

0953: Two helicopters are hovering above Mushayavanhu Secondary School signaling Amai Mugabe’s arrival and thrilled supporters start cheering.

0947: Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has arrived at Mushayavanhu for the rally.

0944: Today’s rally is Amai Mugabe’s 9th this year. Yesterday she was at Maphisa Growth Point in Matabeleland South province. She is going around provinces capacitating irrigation projects, fulfilling the mandate of the Zanu-PF Women’s League.

0942: Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters are gathered at Mushayavanhu Secondary School in Masvingo province for First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s rally.