Source: LIVE BLOG: ZANU-PF 16th ANNUAL NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONFERENCE (Day 5) | The Herald December 17, 2016

Updates by Simiso Mlevu, Vusumuzi Dube and Costa Mano

1633: Official proceedings have come to an end here in the ancient of Masvingo and we also conclude our updates. Thank you for joining us. We will, however, be uploading images from today’s proceedings.

1611: President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe have given delegates 5 kgs rice each. Also, all women, Central Committee and Politburo members to get a piece of new fabric designed by the First Lady.

1607: He adds Masvingo has donated two sheep to First Lady Amai Mugabe.

“If she doesn’t understand the significance of a sheep, I am advising her to read the book of Hebrews. The province has also donated two beasts to President Mugabe,”

1604: In the closing remarks Cde Josiah Hungwe says “nyaya yapera”.

1559: “Now I say, we must go home. The year is ending. Let’s us go and till the land.Those of you from the city and also you from rural areas. We are entering the festive season. I want to say to you, happy festive season. Happy holidays.Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas again. Happy and prosperous new year,”

1555: “We are happy that this conference went well. There was no bickering. That is what we call THE ZANU PF way. I am happy that this was a very peaceful conference, there was no fighting or name calling at all….This is the Zanu-PF way . Ndatenda, ndatenda, ndatenda. Ndatenda kusingaperi,”

1551: “You were sent by some who could not attend from your respective provinces to come and deliberate on some.of these key issues. I am told while we had initially targetted at 7 000 delegates, Dr Chombo tells me the figure has reached 9 000 that shows how much Zanu-PF is loved,”

1547: ”The resources above the land and underground are ours. ZimAsset is the one thing which has to bind us together,”

1545: President Mugabe says to delegates, Nyika Ndeyedu. Umhlaba ngowethu.

1543:  Turning to the song sung by Masvingo Province during introductions yesterday, “Kumagumo kunenyaya”, President Mugabe says he hopes the issue was discussed to which part of delegates respond, ‘Haina’.

1542: President Mugabe is praying for good yields in order to avert  drought.

“Our host chose to welcome and accommodate delegates with the humblest of hospitalities,”

He says Masvingo treated people well like they are children and thanks Mai Mahofa for a job well done.


1538: “We came to Masvingo and we found them waiting for us as visitors. Masvingo has been highly hospitable. Masvingo province successfully put aside several of its problems. We pray to our father in heaven that what we have seen during our stay, may it remain like this. May the rains continue to pour.We pray that the rains continue even after we depart this city,”

1535: “Discipline, discipline, discipline. Party leaders have to be respected and party leaders have to respect their juniors.  That is how things should be done. That is how the war was fought and that is how we should continue to carry ourselves. A large part of the success of this conference should be credited to the host province. We came here and found them well prepared to host us,”

1533: “This conference has gone a long way in preparing the party for the 2018 elections. I hope after the conference, the party should now find itself directing more of its energy and resources to being united. We came with grievances. We put our heads together. We came here knowing there were issues. Now we have to go back to our provinces and stop bickering. Lets stop fighting among each other. Let us follow the party’s constitution,”

He has urged party members to abide by the party Constitution.

1530: “As we leave the conference, the delegates should carry home to their people that we are a revolutionary party, united as ever. The party is determined to serve its people . He has urged party members to go to their districts and provinces and encourage people to get ready to work as united as ever.  Nation is blessed with plentiful resources and thus the ability to rejuvenate the economy . To my mind, this successful conference has in fact gone a long way in preparing the party for 2018 general elections,”

1528: “We have come to the end of this conference. Reports from the various thematic committees and resolutions clearly indicate that delegates were seriously engaged on the given task. He commends delegates for the job well done saying they came up with realistic possible turnaround solutions for the country’s economy,”

1525: President Mugabe now giving his closing remarks.

1525: VP Mphoko says all those who did not present today to submit their reports so that they are compiled.

“We do not have time. Time ndeyababa,” says VP Mphoko

1521: Cde Mupfumira presenting on social services cluster.  Government needs to strengthen STEM initiatives. There is need to fund all state Universities. Establishment of a cancer health fund. Government must provide financial support to the Forestry Commission for its research.                         There should be proper planning of urban setups to.avoid illegal settlements.   There should be proper planning to avoid sprouting of undesignated urban settlement like Hopley in Harare. Urges President to declare every Friday a day of cleaning.

1516: Cde Bimha now presenting on value addition and beneficiation calls on Government to ensure that what we get from agriculture and mining has value added for the benefit of our communities and there should be more training. InterMinisterial committee to drive SMEs to ensure more production within the sector.

1514: Cde Chipanga makes a request to Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede to add a name for President Mugabe. “H.E was born Robert Gabriel Mugabe but as youths we want his ID and Birth Certificate to read President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.”

1514: Compel Government to acquire all the remaining white owned farms. Commend the Government for coming up with a housing stands scheme and call upon the Government to make the stands more affordable for the youth. Party to consider young women when compiling list for women for proportional representation. Calls for the speedy implementation of previous party resolutions

1510: Youth Affairs committee presentation by Cde Kudzai Chipanga and he says they strongly reaffirm the endorsement of President Mugabe and that he becomes life President with unlimited terms. Commends Secretary for Women Affairs Dr Grace Mugabe for her philanthropic work. 21st February Movement be declared national holiday. Party must do away with imposition of candidates. Party must punish and discipline those who engage in factionalism and tribalism. Graduates from youth service be given priority in public service and security services

1507: She says customs, traditional and religious practices that undermine the independence of a girl child should be outlawed.Urge the party to vigorously promote the participation of women in all key structures within the community. To direct Government  to closely monitor the operation of Local Government to ensure effective service delivery. To call upon leadership to deal with corruption in party and government. Urges Government to speed up distribution grain and mechanisation inputs for the farming season.

1504: Cde Moyo says there should be 50/50 representation in decision-making and leadership positions according to the country’s constitution. Representation in all committees that have to do with land distribution in the country  Women should be representative in all committees that deal with the allocation of land in urban and rural areas to address gender parity . Women be given a leading in issues that directly affect them

1501: To reaffirm commitment and support to President Mugabe as the sole candidate of the party in the 2018 elections.Committee reaffirms support and commitment to President Mugabe as candidate for the party for the 2018 election. First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe to continue leading women as Secretary.

1500: Women’s Affairs presentation by Umama Sandi Moyo

1459: Government to broaden command agriculture to include livestock farming.  Government must review levies charged on livestock.  Government is requested to give and deliver a full package of inputs. Inputs to be distributed in a transparent manner. Government to urgently set up an agriculture revolving fund to support agriculture in the country. Government to revive Zunde Ramambo/Isiphala seNkosi.

1457: Government must complete all.dams that are under construction throughout the country.  Government should review Zesa and Zinwa tariffs to make farming viable.

1456: Next is Dr Joseph Made.who led the food security cluster. Government to support farmers with adequate tillage and mechanisation equipment.

1455: VP Mphoko orders Cde Kasukuwere to stop as his time is up but the President has extended time for presentations to five minutes, and wild cheers by party members.

The committee recommended that elected party structures must be respected  The committee urged party leadership to stop interfering with other organs of the party.  Youth must be empowered in order to take up positions of responsibility.  Ministers of State have been urged to work closely with party leadership in the provinces.

1453: Cde Kasukuwere says the party should condemn any imposition of candidates during any elections. It was noted that during primary elections some people bus candidates but when we get to the actual elections we lose. He adds that the state of the party thematic committee recommends that party structures should be actively involved in supervising Government departments operating in their area.

1450: Cde Kasukuwere reaffirms position of the congress for President Mugabe to be the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 elections. The party should promote unity, peace and condemn factionalism. Discipline is the backbone to unity and peace.

1447: Cde Kasukuwere is first to present on state of the party.

1446: VP Mphoko gives presenters two minutes each to report back their deliberations from their respective thematic committees.

1443: VP Mphoko will be the chairperson for today’s sessions. He also emphasises the need to be time conscious.

1441: Dr Chombo urges delegates to stick to time allocated so that the conference ends on time

1434: The National Anthem is now being sung.

1428: Police band entertaining people as delegates settle down ahead of the closing ceremony.

1420: President Mugabe is now at the venue to start proceedings for the day.

1317: President Mugabe has handed over the computers to Chief Charumbira.

1315: “I am so happy with the work that has been done here because it gives our people access to information and technology which is key within any other State,”

 1308: “We don’t want to see any school with electricity not having any computers because we want our children to be computer literate. When these information centres were formulated, the idea was to help solve this issue of people travelling long distances just to get access to computers,”

1258: “When computers became popular, we resolved that it would be good to equip our schools. But we faced a challenge because most schools were not electrified,”

1255: The President takes to the podium to make his address.

“I am happy we were brought here to see and officiate at this community centre,”

1254: Minister Mandiwanzira introduces President Mugabe and invites him to give the keynote address. He has asked President Mugabe to hand the computers over to Chiefs Council President, Fortune Charumbira.

1251: Cde Mandiwanzira says as a Ministry, through Potraz, they are donating 90 computers to Masvingo Province.

1249: Min Mandiwanzira says the initiative is part of President Mugabe’s ICT drive.⁠⁠⁠⁠

“By end of 2017 we want to have a community information centre in every district. We are aiming to have at least 210 community centres. We will encourage young people who have programming skills to develop applications for our own use. We need to have our own social media platforms.”

1246: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira is now making his remarks. He says what Min Mahofa said about the information centre will make people think he is Super.

“I am not super Mr President but it’s you who is Super. We dont want people to need transport to get to the nearest information centre we want every constituency to have a community information centre,”

1245: Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Cde Shuvai Mahofa is welcoming guests. She thanks President Mugabe for coming with rains to the province.

“President, where we are gathered, it used to be a dilapidated place. I never thought this place will look this good. But this clever man, Supa Mandiwanzira has transformed the place for us.

“We are now Masvingo and proudly so. What ICT Minister Cde Supa Mandiwanzira is commendable. From today even grannies will be able to read newspapers online,”

1236: The President has gone into a briefing with the Minister of ICT and other senior Government officials.

1228: President Mugabe now unveiling the plaque at the information centre. His Excellency is accompanied by his two sons, Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine.

1224: President Mugabe has arrived at Chikato Community Information Centre.

1201: Government officials and Macheke residents have filled the venue and are waiting for President Mugabe to come and officially open the Community Information Centre.

1136: The two Vice Presidents, Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko have arrived at Mucheke A where a post office has been transformed to a Community Information Centre.

1129: Chikato Community Information Centre is part of Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira’s initiative of transforming 70 post offices through out the country.

1058: President Mugabe is this morning set to open Chikato Community Information centre.

1048: The curtain comes down today on the 16th Zanu-PF Annual National People’s Conference in Masvingo. Members of the various thematic committees are currently in closed door sessions.

Reports from these thematic committees as well provincial resolutions will later  be presented to conference for adoption.

The party’s First Secretary and President Cde Mugabe is also expected to then make his closing remarks.


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    kalulu 5 years ago

    This ZANUPF party is surely destined for the dust bin . One wonders how members of this party expect to move on after Mugabe. My point is this party has no vision and dwells on hero-worshipping someone who should adhere to the rules and regulations of the party just like everyone else. Members of this party have shown on countless occasions that Mugabe is above the party which is unacceptable. Honestly how can a party endorse someone who can hardly walk on his own not because of a disability but because of natural old age to stand for them as a candidate for the 2018 general elections. Are they telling all and sundry that Mugabe is the only intelligent and capable person to lead them and the nation. If they are not courageous enough to advise him that he is too old to lead the party and the nation who will take seriously anyone who succeeds him after he is gone. This is a shame and anyone in his/her normal senses and part of supporting this madness should question their conscience whether their party is a mass organisation or a Mugabe project because once he is gone noone can resuscitate this party, mark my words!!!!