LIVE UPDATES: Grace Mugabe, cross border traders meeting

via LIVE UPDATES: Grace Mugabe, cross border traders meeting – DailyNews Live 21 November 2014

HARARE – The following are updates of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s meeting with cross border traders in Mazoe.

11:36 – Scores of people, mostly women, turn up for the meeting.

11:39: – Crowd served with beverages and confectionary from Alpha & Omega Dairies and Innnscor.

11:45 – Zimdancehall artist Tocky Vybz whips crowd into a frenzy.

11:50 – Cross Border Traders Association president Killer Zivhu arrives.

11:55 – The crowd chants “pemberi nababa vaMugabe, nadoc Mugabe, pasi naTsvangirai” as First Lady Grace Mugabe arrives.

12:11 – Zivhu chants “pamberi namai Mugabe, pasi nevano nyeya”.

He says there was a lot of lobbying from somes people for our members not to come here.

“These women are strong, if we managed to come out of 2008/9 zvinhu zvakawoma chaizvo, ipapo ndipo paiva ne poison kwete tuma gamatox.”

“Women are complaning about harassment at the borders.There are Zimbabweans who think they are more Zimbabwean than others,” Zivhu says.

“VaMugabe havagoni kubiswa nemhunhu. He who is elected by God is taken away by God himself.”

12:24 – Zivhu says “Amai endai munobikira president. Vanoshuvira president zvakaipa vachatanga vapedza isu.”

“KuMasvingo vanoti kurera imbwa nemukaka mangwana inofuma yokuruma.”

“Regai nditi kunaamai iyi message ndeya president vanonyanya kurera vanhu nema chocolates, potai muchivaisira mhiripiri.”

Zivhu continues: “Amai makabva nepi, vaityisa vanhu ava mhani.”

12:30 – Shuvai Mahofa takes the podium, says “pasi naJoice nembwa dzake.”

She says ” Dunhu rine muroora akanaka.”

12:31 – Grace interjects asking “muroora ndeupi uyu.”

12:32 – Mahofa replies “amai venyikaka.”

12:33 – Grace replies: “Okay, ndafunga muri kutaura mai Mujuru.”

12:34 – Mahofa chants “pasi ne gamatox.” Dinha joins chanting “pasi negamatox namai Mujuru.”

13:08 – Oppah Muchinguri sings: “Hokoyo Mujuru, ndanga ndakarara, ndamuka.”

13:44 – Grace Mugabe takes the podium.

She says: “I started selling small things at flea markets like you. Baba vakatozondipa zita rekuti amai nharo.”

Her microphone switches off while she is speaking and the crowd shouts “ndiMavhaire (Energy minister).”

Grace talks about her school and orphanage. She says she is now adopting orphans in prisons.

She says there are people going to n’anga (traditional healers) seeking to remove Mugabe.

She sings: “Nyangwe zvika womasei Mwari munogona.”

Grace insinuates Vice President Joice Mujuru is not sleeping because of “zvaakabata.”

“People should not be quick to adopt angonzi VP as role model.”

“Hamuoni kukosha kwamunoita muZimbabwe. Nhasi ndiri kuda kukurakidzai kukosha kwenyu…mapurisa kana maona madzimai achitengesa musava tswinyatswinya,” she said.

She promises to try her best to get land for the cross border traders.

She encourages the traders to accept slow growth unlike those “who have been seeking quick ascendency”.

“We said too much speed saka tinoda kumbokudimburirai speed iyoyo”.

15:04 – Grace goes on to say “the president can appoint anyone whether male or female, as vice president.”

“Sometimes, even the one who appointed may be feeling it’s time you leave, but expects you to without waiting to be sacked,” she said.

“Saka tirikuti munhu ngaadzokere kuDotito.”

She goes on to to accuse the Daily News and NewsDay of being used to peddle falsehoods and advancing Mujuru’s agenda.

“We went through a revolution for independencethen land reform, now a revolution to remove rogue elements.”

Grace finishes her address.


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    These cross border traders are fools of the worst order , they were forced into cross border trading because of economic mismanagement from this useless Mugabe regime.This Zivhu dude is an arsehole period!

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    Codza 6 years ago

    I call this a Bunch Of Idiots’ Meeting.

  • comment-avatar
    Shuttle 6 years ago

    Zimbos have been turned into idiots by the zanupf politics of propaganda. It is surprising to see people gathering to support a person who has plundered their wealth for a one day off meal.

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    Analyst 6 years ago

    I thought it was a cross-boader meeting. Why not address problems encountered by these pple and offer solutions in-line with their business. As much as l support the importance of land, it was irrelevant to promise cross boaders land. Remember, not everyone is a farmer. Empower pple in their areas of expertise. Although l was young, l remember mai Sally Mugabe empowering pple accordingly. I wont comment on the fights- ‘its a domestic issue’. But its embarassing for Zim leaders to denounce each other in public like this. Our Prayers are with Zim. Do whats best for the nation.

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    Galloway 6 years ago

    I am rather disgusted by Killer Zivhu. Cheap politicking around the First Lady yet he is busy fleecing people of their hard earned monies in Norton, Galloway. He and his ZAHA are masquerading as a property developer, sold stands to thousands of people and now he cannot service them to standards. He is pocketing money but pathetic service delivery. People have completed their payments, no sign or hope of title deeds. Since Amai stands for the people and is against corruption shouldn’t she assist those souls in Norton by whipping this guy into line instead of entertaining him like that.

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    Hurricane Grace! Hokoyo!!

  • comment-avatar

    What a shame, we are like chickens–they throw seeds and they catch us.

  • comment-avatar
    Tatsva Kumusana nekumeso 6 years ago

    Vanhu varikutamba nenyika nehupenyu hwevanhu. Tipei maserious nyika idzikere paBread basket

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    madhunyasi zvawo! manje tichakuzvuva paroad saGadhafi. fadzanai nhema henyu ipapo. ruchingoti ngondo mubwiro, newe tasomana!

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    Petal 6 years ago

    “So Disgrace talks about her school and orphanage. She says she is now adopting orphans in prisons.” with all the looted money and is trying to make a name for herself