via LIVE UPDATES: MDC congress – DailyNews Live 3 November 2014

HARARE – Below are live updates of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC extra ordinary congress at the City Sports Centre.

11:21 – The venue is fully packed with MDC supporters.

MDC organising secretary, Nelson Chamisa, introduces Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth as Dr Macheka.

She stands up and chants “chinja maitiro” slogan. .

Elizabeth says she doesn’t want donated doctorates.

11:22 – Lovemore Moyo takes the podium. He thanks God for surviving a serious car accident recently.

11:23 – MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai takes the podium. He sings: “teererai mirairo yakanaka musazo rovana”.

11:26 – Tsvangirai says “We want to usher a new trajectory out of this economic crisis. We have a blazing crisis that the hands on the wheel cannot deal with”.

“We took a decision for the early congress because the will of the people is sacrosant and not individual desires.”

“Some were afraid to come and face you because they are guilty…you don’t leave a party because of a conflict.”

“I wish them (Biti and crew) well in their new endevours…breaking away from MDC only strengthens Zanu not MDC.”

“They are not our foes but our partners. We are ready to assist them to grow. Because people of Zimbabwe know the difference between fact and fiction.”

11:56 – Tsvangirai continues: “I want to thank you for electing me as your leader for the next five years.”

He warns of negative campaigns in MDC and says those to be elected should be real leaders.

“The congress is about tackling the debilitating national crisis and electing new leaders.”

“This is our last congress as an opposition party. Zanu PF knows this is the last congress MDC holds as an opposition,” Tsvangirai says.

“We lost hundreds of comrades through Mugabe and I have been tortured many times.”

“We face the national crisis since 2013…I am surprised by some people accusing corruption iwe une mapurazi mangani asi unotaura zve corruption of $1 million.”

“As I speak, doctors are on strike.”

“We must lose elections through free and fair means. We must learn to tolerate each other rather than slaughter each other.”

“We are aware of the crisis…and we can deliver the country from it.”

12:05 – Tsvangirai says: “Zanu PF’s look East policy has not yielded anything for the country.”

“As a party we reserve the right to mobilise people… we would rather fight than wallow in poverty. We have to be brave and take action.”

“I am ready to lead in the front the democratic troops and Zimbabwe will never be the same again.”

12:08 – Tsvangirai finishes his address.

12:10: – Thokhozani Khupe, MDC deputy president, gives closing remarks. She says the party should be focused.


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    conelious 9 years ago

    I pity my my fellow compatriots

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    Ndiyo chete congress yacho??????

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    Democrat 9 years ago

    MDC-T should seriously consider further leadership renewal at the toppest level for purposes of the 2018 national presidential elections. They have the ability of offering Zanu PF more exciting, if fiercer challenge at that level. I pity political parties who for any reason hesitate to give the other competing parties a good run for their money in national elections. The electorate is hungry for new ideas, greater imagination at the toppest levels.

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    Don’t play wth us guyz tsvangirai never rule zimbambwe