Zinara takes over road fees collection

via Zinara takes over road fees collection | The Herald 2 September 2014

Zimbabwe National Roads Administration yesterday took over collection of road access fees from motorists entering the country through Beitbridge Border Post.
Previously, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority collected the levies, popularly known as RAF.
Zinara spokesman Mr Augustine Moyo said the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development had mandated the parastatal to collect the fees on behalf of Government.

“We started collecting the road access fees on behalf of Government at Beitbridge Border Post with effect from yesterday,” said Mr Moyo.
He said motorists would now pay bridge toll fees and RAF at Zinara counters within the border post.

Under the new arrangement, motorists entering the country will pay US$10 RAF and US$10 bridge toll fees for light vehicles while buses and other heavy vehicles will pay US$20 road access fees and US$27,50 bridge toll fees.

Haulage trucks will pay US$27,50 in bridge toll fees and buy coupons at the Vehicle Inspectorate Department calculated according the distance they wish to travel in the country.

Visitors with foreign registered vehicles will pay US$40 to Zimra in carbon tax and third party insurances. Motorists leaving the country through Beitbridge will pay US$10 for light cars and US$27,50 for buses and other heavy vehicles in bridge toll fees.

On average a person going to South Africa and returning to Zimbabwe through Beitbridge Border Post in a light vehicle will now need US$30 while buses and heavy vehicles will need US$75 for bridge toll fees and RAF.

The development comes a few months after Government assumed ownership of the New Limpopo Bridge after the expiry of the build operate and transfer (BOT) arrangement entered into with a private company for the past 20 years.

The new bridge was constructed in 1994 by New Limpopo Bridge (Ltd) and Zinara has since been appointed to collect toll fees on behalf of Government.
It is understood that the private company was realising at least US$1,6 million a month in toll fees at Beitbridge.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Wow. The overfed porker obedient mpofu will be getting even more obscenely rich. Methinks he needs to bail out his failed allied abg bank !!!!! Perk from baas mugarbage !!!!!!!!

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    Kevin Matthews 8 years ago

    And this should boost our tourism!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    BLackSmith’s jobs for the boys and girls QUANGOS! ID NEVER HAD SO MANY OF THEM!

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      Blessing munatsi 8 years ago

      honestly; does it make sense for a local to pay road access fee when they pay toll gates and zinara licencing. this is daylight robbery