Mahachi accrues $100k leave days

Source: Mahachi accrues $100k leave days | The Herald July 8, 2016

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Former Harare Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi is set to pocket over $100 000 in accrued leave days. Dr Mahachi reportedly accrued over 150 days of leave which amounts to more than $100 000. He left Townhouse in December last year after an eight-year stint, having joined in 2007.

According to council sources, Dr Mahachi’s extensive leave days will prejudice council’s struggling coffers as this claim alone is enough to buy a house in low-density suburbs.

Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni confirmed the development and said because of the circumstances, he had requested an urgent programme to correct “excessive leave accruals” by management.

He said the first to be targeted to go on leave were senior management to cut the expenses.

“I can confirm that we had one executive who had enough leave days to buy a low density house but as council we have moved in to cut leave days,” said Mayor Manyenyeni.

“We are carrying millions of dollars which can be cashed on exit at the expense of service delivery. Council cannot afford to encash all these leave banks.”

Harare Municipality Workers’ Union executive chairman, Mr Cosmas Bungu said it was disturbing considering that council workers have turned into perpetual beggars, surviving on handouts from well-wishers with one individual demanding $100 000 on accrued leave days.

Mr Bungu said that they raised a red flag on Dr Mahachi’s demands but said council was also liable for letting him accrue extensive leave days at the expense of service delivery.

“Dr Mahachi was manipulating the system, it is illegal and must be condemned.

“As an employee, you cannot continuously work as this will affect your health system or even expose you to mistakes during work.

“We are fighting for workers to get money but this will end up with one individual getting money at the expense of council employees,” he said.

Dr Mahachi was forced to leave council when his contract was terminated on three months’ notice in line with the July 17, 2015 Supreme Court ruling on common law contracts of employment.

The termination of the contract followed his demands for a $3 million golden handshake from the city as a pre-condition for quitting.

Prior to that, he was placed on indefinite leave for reportedly stalling the city’s succession plan and rationalisation of executive salaries, among other issues.